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The A3-Goliath IFV is an advanced infantry fighting vehicle used by the European Union in the 22nd century. It was introduced in 2145 during the EU counterattack into Europe against the Pan-Asian Coalition.

Battlefield 2142Edit

The A-3 Goliath is an IFV with high survivability, capable of supporting infantry forces. It is only featured in Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike in Conquest Assault Lines game mode.

It can hold a driver and up to four passengers. The driver has an access to a scattergun and a motion mine launcher. These mines are similar to the mines used by the Engineer class, but have their tracking system enabled on launch, and self-detonate after some time. Second and fifth passenger positions operate fast-firing autocannons that are great against infantry and light vehicles and deal splash damage. Positions three and four operate normal machine guns, but cover a very wide area including the vehicle's rear.

The Goliath is incredibly tough—it regenerates hit points thanks to regenerative cells located on the hull and can be repaired normally as well. Even with only one repair cell active, it can withstand a direct Orbital Strike. The repair cells cannot themselves be repaired if they sustain damage, and can be destroyed using anti-vehicle weapons (including the Rorsch Mk-S8 or RDX Demopaks) as objective bonuses.

The front armor is designed to completely absorb damage from II-29 Motion Mines. It has durable side and rear armor, and it takes five hits from explosive weapons to destroy it without its regenerative capability. The Goliath lacks the Active Defense System, unusual for armored vehicles in 2142.

It can be used as a mobile spawn point (unless completely occupied) and it heals and resupplies infantry in its vicinity. The Goliath cannot resupply itself, and depends on Support soldiers or supply drops to restock its offensive battery. It cannot be hijacked by PAC infantry, the only vehicle with this distinction.


  • Tanks are not present on maps that feature the Goliath, nor are they present in any Northern Strike maps. Gunships also do not face off against the Goliath, although they are used on NS Titan maps.
  • This vehicle has similarities to a game unit from C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge called the Battle Fortress.
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