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The R-73, also known by its NATO codename AA-11 Archer, is a short-range air-to-air missile developed by the Soviet Union in 1982, and employed from its inception to today. Making use of a complex infrared homing system and powered by a solid-fuel rocket booster, it was, at the time of its development, one of the most advanced short-range missiles in the world.

Battlefield 2Edit

The AA-11 Archer makes an appearance as a latent vehicle weapon in Battlefield 2, utilized by the Middle Eastern Coalition (MiG-29 Fulcrum and Su-34 Fullback) and People's Liberation Army (J-10 Firebird and Su-30 Flanker-C). Having a maximum lock-on range of 375 m, maximum lock-on angle of 90 degree (45 degree per side), tracking delay of 0.1 seconds, maximum pitch and yaw values of 3, the rates of changing pitch and yaw are both valued at 1, and the minimum distance for every change in pitch or yaw is 10 m, it is the statistical equivalent of AIM-9M Sidewinder which is utilized by the United States and the European Union on their fighter and multirole aircraft. The in-game Archer appears to be modeled after the R-73M, which is the improved and modernized variant of the original R-73.