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Galil ace 21

The Galil ACE 21 variant in real life.

The Galil ACE is an assault rifle developed Isreali Weapon Industries (IWI) and manufactured by IWI and also Indumil. The ACE family assault rifles are based upon the reliable mechanism of the famous Galil assault rifle. The ACE incorporates enhanced human engineering and ergonomics with the demands of the modern battlefield. 

The ACE 21 variant is the carbine variant, firing the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, its overall length is 730 mm (Stock Extended) with the barrel length being 215 mm. Much like the ACE 52 CQB it features a composite build, folding equipment and many rails.

Battlefield 4

The ACE 21 is set to appear in Battlefield 4. It was first seen in the Battlefield 4: "Paracel Storm" Multiplayer Trailer equipped with a Coyote sight and a Magnifier.


  • Before the Battlefield 4 Beta, the ACE 21 was known as the ACE 21 CQB.
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