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The ACW-R returns in Battlefield 4 as an all-class Carbine. The weapon is unlocked after obtaining 4,000 points while using Carbines. It does average damage for Carbines, but is helped by a high fire rate of 880 RPM. It has a moderate recoil, and unlike other fast-firing weapons like the AEK-971 or CZ-3A1, can be kept on target fairly easily. Its iron sights are sharp and clear.

A Muzzle Brake or Compensator can aid in controlling recoil overall, and an Angled or Folding foregrip can make short bursts more precise.

The Stubby or Potato grips can be useful for increasing accuracy, and the Ergo and Vertical grips aid with firing on the move. A Laser Sight is useful for hipfiring.



  • "US2099-1-0141" is engraved on the rear sight, while "375" is written on the upper receiver.
  • Like many other weapons ported over from Battlefield 3, the ACW-R suffers from the "fat rail" modelling glitch.