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AEK-971 Prototype

AEK-971 Production model

The AEK-971, is a Soviet/Russian-made selective-fire assault rifle designed by Sergey I. Koksharov in the 1970s. Developed around a gas driven, balanced-action mechanism, the AEK eliminates several action impulses that cause recoil, resulting in substantial gain in accuracy during automatic fire compared to the AK-74.

Originally a competitor in the Project Abakan trials during the late 20th century, a prototype of the AEK-971 was passed over in favor of the AN-94 for adoption by the Russian Army. In the early 2000s, a production version of AEK was adopted in small quantities by the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry (MVD) which reacted positively to the weapon.[1] A successor variant known as the A-545 (GRAU designation 6P67) was officially adopted by the Russian military in 2017 alongside the AK-12.[2]

The AEK-971 appears in six games in the Battlefield series. The prototype AEK-971 appears in the Bad Company series games and Battlefield Play4Free, while the production version appears in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.



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