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The AG36 (German: anbaugranatwerfer, English: attached grenade launcher) is a grenade launcher produced by Heckler & Koch of Germany for the G36 assault rifle. It fires 40mm grenades and has a lateral swing-out breech that allows it to load longer grenades than traditional forward-opening launchers such as the American M203. The launcher was the basis for the M320 grenade launcher, which is an AG-36 variant designed for the XM8 rifle (and later the HK416) with a folding stock and grip to meet US Military requirements.

When Heckler & Koch was asked to upgrade the L85 for the British Army, they created a variant of the AG36 for use with the newly upgraded L85A2, called the L123A2 [1]. It has all the same features and operating principle of the AG36, but is specifically fitted to the L85 series of assault rifles.

Battlefield 2[]

"This is an integrated 40mm grenade launcher, similar to systems such as the M203. It is a rear loaded under barrel unit that provides for ranged attacks to both infantry and soft targets."

— In-game description

The AG-36 is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 2: Euro Force expansion as an attachment for the European Union's Assault Kit. It is mounted upon the L85A2. It is functionally identical to the M203, GP-30, and GP-25, with the same damage and arc. Only their reload animations differ amongst one another.



  • The AG-36 is never referred to by name in the game files, unlike most other weapons and armaments available. Instead, it's simply called gbgr_sa80a2_l85 (a doublet to gbrif_sa80a2_l85, which refers to the L85 itself). However, it is localized as AG-36.