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An AG36 in real life, with attached barrel shroud for the G36.

The AG36 (German: anbaugranatwerfer, English: attached grenade launcher) is a grenade launcher produced by Heckler & Koch of Germany for the G36 assault rifle. It fires 40mm grenades and has a lateral swing-out breech that allows it to load longer grenades than traditional forward-opening launchers such as the American M203. The launcher was the basis for the M320 grenade launcher, which is an AG-36 variant designed for the XM8 rifle (and later the HK416) with a folding stock and grip to meet US Military requirements.

When Heckler & Koch was asked to upgrade the L85 for the British Army, they created a variant of the AG36 for use with the newly upgraded L85A2, called the L123A2 [1]. It has all the same features and operating principle of the AG36, but is specifically fitted to the L85 series of assault rifles.

Battlefield 2Edit

"This is an integrated 40mm grenade launcher, similar to systems such as the M203. It is a rear loaded under barrel unit that provides for ranged attacks to both infantry and soft targets."

— In-game description

The AG-36 is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 2: Euro Force expansion as an attachment for the European Union's Assault Kit. It is mounted upon the L85A2. It is functionally identical to the M203, GP-30, and GP-25, with the same damage and arc. Only their reload animations differ amongst one another.



  • The AG-36 is never referred to by name in the game files, unlike most other weapons and armaments available. Instead, it's simply called gbgr_sa80a2_l85 (a doublet to gbrif_sa80a2_l85, which refers to the L85 itself). However, it is localized as AG-36.