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Desert raider4

The AIL Raider in real life.

The AIL Desert Raider is a 6x6 fast attack and surveillance vehicle produced by Automotive Industries Limited of Israel. It is highly regarded as its unique suspension system gives it the mobility of a tracked vehicle, but the stability of a wheeled vehicle. The vehicle is also small enough to be air-dropped from a CH-53.

The Raider has been produced since 1998 and is used by the Israeli Defense Force Special Forces as a quick insertion vehicle for teams. Limited numbers have been purchased by the United Kingdom for the SAS and the United States for the Navy SEALs. The Raider has three machinegun mounts that can hold 5.56mm or 7.62mm machine guns.

Battlefield 2[]

"This lightweight 4x4 vehicle is ideal for desert reconnaissance, surveillance, and escort missions. With its multiple mounted machine guns, however, it is also an offensive force to be reckoned with."

— Instruction Manual Description

In Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the AIL Raider is a light armored vehicle used on the US Navy SEALs and SAS teams. The Raider is devastating to enemy infantry as it has three forward facing M249 SAWs with infinite ammunition, but instead the weapons overheat. Each side gunner has a field of view of about 60 degrees, while the top gunner has a range of about 90 degrees.

However, the Raider is vulnerable to attacks from the side and rear as no weapon can traverse to defend the vehicle's flanks. All of the occupants are fairly exposed, with only the driver having a windshield to protect them from oncoming fire. The driver should take note of this and orient themselves so that each gunner can hit a target and that the occupants are decently protected from the sides and rear. The driver should also watch out for enemy anti-tank mines or Anti-Tank soldiers as both can make short work of the vehicle.

The Raider is also useful as an insertion vehicle as it is a fast land vehicle that can carry up to four players quickly around a map. Its speed is also a good defense in avoiding enemy armor.


The AIL Raider can be found on the following maps: