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The AK-101 is a Russian-made assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1994. It is chambered by the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge, as opposed to the Soviet-made 5.45x39mm cartridge used by most of Kalashnikov's modern designs, and has a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute with an effective range of 500 meters, and a maximum range of 1000 meters. It is part of the AK-100 series of Assault Rifles.

Battlefield 2[]

"The Gas-operated AK-101 is a modern version of the classic AK-47. It uses 5.56 NATO ammunition which can be fired at the rate of 600 bullets per minute. It is far more accurate than its predecessor"

— In-game description

The AK-101 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2, issued to the MEC as their service rifle for both the Assault and Medic kits. The assault version of the weapon is equipped with a GP-30 underslung grenade launcher whereas the medic variant has no attachments. The Assault version has slightly lower recoil whereas the Medic version has a lower movement spread penalty. Apart from this, both variants are identical. The AK-101 is on the higher-damage end of the assault rifle spectrum. It has slightly higher-than-average spread, and an average recoil. Its rate of fire is average, and it fires from a thirty-round magazine.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces[]

In Battlefield 2: Special Force, the AK-101 is issued to the Spetsnaz, MEC Special Forces, Rebel Forces and Insurgent Forces Assault and Medic kits (except the MEC Special Forces' Medic kit, which is equipped with an AK-47 instead). All variants of the weapon are identical to their vanilla counterpart, with the exception of the MECSF's AK-101 lacking an underslung grenade launcher.



  • The rifle has two magazines sellotaped together, allowing for quicker reloads, but despite this the reload animation is carried out in a slower succession.
  • The reloading animation just consists of the two sellotaped magazines being flipped around and inserted, no matter how many magazines the player goes through.