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"The AK-74M is the latest modernized version of the classic AK-47. Fielded as the standard Assault Rifle by the Russian Army, the M variant includes a side folding polymer stock and a scope mount rail on the left side of the weapon. Recent developments allow the AK series of weapons to field many of the accessories typically seen on Western guns. The AK-74M is a reliable and rugged medium range weapon."

— Battlelog description

The AK-74M is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3.


The AK-74M is a common weapon for the PLR outside of Iran. It is less prevalent than its cousin, the AKS-74u, but is still very common. It, and the AKS-74u, are largely offset by the KH2002 during the missions taking place in Iran. It's also use by the PMCs in the mission Kaffarov for only light gaurds infantry units, including with a bipod along the PSO-1 Scope.


The AK-74M is a weapon commonly used by enemies in most of the co-op campaign. It can be found in most missions besides Fire From The Sky and Hit And Run.


The AK-74M is the standard assault rifle of the Russian Ground Forces' Assault kit, filling the same role as the United States Marine Corps' M16A3. Although it is initially locked for the USMC team, it can later be unlocked for use when 220,000 assault points are accumulated.

Like the M16A3, the AK-74M is capable of firing in both fully automatic and semi automatic modes. It has slightly more vertical recoil than the M16A3, but also has less first shot recoil. This lower first shot recoil, combined with its lower fire rate, makes the AK-74M easier to handle controlled bursts at range when compared to the M16A3. Its open sights provide a clear view of the target which also adds to its ease of use in controlled bursts.