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"A modernized version of the famous AK-47, the AKM is the most ubiquitous variant of the entire AK series of firearms. A hard-hitting but heavy recoil weapon, the AKM takes practice to master."

— In-game description

The AKM is a weapon featured in Battlefield Hardline.


The AKM is used by various enemies in the campaign. It is first seen in Gator Bait, and can be selected for use in any episode after it is acquired.


The AKM is a purchasable weapon for the Criminal Operator kit in multiplayer. The weapon does more damage than any of the other assault rifles or carbines, but has a somewhat slow rate of fire at 600 RPM and heavy recoil, making the Muzzle Brake a useful attachment on the weapon.





Battlefield Hardline[]

A Stubby Grip clipping through the handguard

  • The AKM receives a railed handguard when equipped with any Accessory attachment. The weapon's icon in the loadout menu displays it with the railed handguard equipped by default.
    • The AKM does not receive the railed handguard if a Grip is equipped without an Accessory, resulting in the grip visibly clipping through the wooden handguard.
  • The AKM features a rare reload animation that involves using the Kinesis ability from the Dead Space franchise. Isaac's iconic breathing sound is also audible during this animation.[1]


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