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"A shortened, modified version of the legendary AK-47. Popular among Russian special forces for its size, but suffering from limited range and accuracy. Despite this, it's a very powerful and reliable rifle."

— In game description

The AKS74u is a compact assault rifle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company, equipped with a permanently attached suppressor.


The AKS74u is a fairly common weapon operated by the Russian Army and can typically be found on dead Russian commandos.


The AKS74u is the default compact assault rifle issued to the Russian Specialist kit. The SCAR and the 9A91 are its American and MEC counterparts, respectively. It has a 60-round magazine (with 180 in reserve) and a good fire rate, and kills in around 10-15 shots, making it statistically equivalent to its in-game counterparts. Essentially a close quarters weapon, it is relatively accurate compared to the other compact assault rifles in the game and can be fired in an automatic mode effectively at medium ranges; it is not a good weapon to use at longer ranges.