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Photoshopped mock-up of the AK-12U

The AK-12U is a proposed carbine variant of the Russian AK-12 assault rifle.

Battlefield 4[]

The AKU-12 is an unlockable all class carbine in Battlefield 4. It acts very similarly to the AK-12 assault rifle, having less range and accuracy, but greater hip fire accuracy. It also has a unique feature in which burst fire yields a higher RPM. The recoil is also extremely low, with only a slight upward pull. Due to its moderate fire rate and low recoil, it is a balanced choice for mid-range engagements, and the player will not run out of ammo as quickly as with some rapid-firing weapons.



  • The AKU-12, along with the other **-12 variants, do not have their own 500 Kill Dog Tags.