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AK5C IRL Photo

The AK5C in real life with a Foregrip and Aimpoint Sight attached to it.

The AK5 (Swedish: AutomatKarbin 5, English: Automatic Carbine 5) is the main service rifle of the Swedish Armed Forces. The weapon was originally based on the FN FNC, and is manufactured by Bofors. It fires the standard 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge.

Battlefield 4Edit

The AK 5C appears in Battlefield 4.


The AK 5C is found as a collectible in Suez near a fire north of the broken V-22 Osprey on the deck. It is equipped with a HOLO, Magnifier and Heavy Barrel. It sports an Atomic Naval finish.


The AK 5C is the first Carbine weapon to be obtained; requiring 15,000 points while playing as the Engineer kit for it to become unlocked. It is a very solid starting weapon for the carbines, having a 700 RPM fire rate and manageable recoil, although adding a muzzle brake will further reduce the recoil.

The iron sights are sharp, although an optic will give a less-obstructed view. Additionally, it has by far the highest bullet velocity among carbines (one of the highest velocities of all weapons), making it more suited to mid-range, and a good choice for using a Suppressor.



  • In Battlefield 4, the weapon has the letters "SWE" inscribed on its side next to the serial number, indicating its Swedish origin.
  • It shares model with the Ak5C of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, as DICE had worked on it with Danger Close Games.
  • In Battlefield 4, the weapon shares the its reload animation with the SCAR-H.
  • The AK-5c has 4 different sound effects for dropping an old magazine, inserting a new magazine, and tapping the bolt catch.
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