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"Extra Magazines" redirects here. For the weapon mod in Battlefield Play4Free, see Extra Magazines (Battlefield Play4Free).

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

"This upgraded ammunition pack allows a soldier to stow double the amount of magazines resulting in extended time in contact before resupply."

— In-game description

Ammo Hip Bandolier is a primary specialization in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and is obtained at Rank 6. It doubles the carrying capacity of ammunition for all firearms, except for the Tracer Dart Gun.

Battlefield 3[]

"Additional MOLLE tactical ammunition pouches allow the player to carry a greater amount of primary and sidearm ammunition. "

— Battlelog description

AMMO is a specialization in Battlefield 3. It allows a player to carry an increased amount of ammunition for their weapons through additional tactical ammunition pouches. It doubles the maximum amount of ammo held. The solo specialization is unlocked at rank 5, while the squad-wide version, SQD AMMO, is unlocked at rank 26.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

Extra Magazines is a weapon modification in Battlefield Play4Free. It increases the amount of magazines capable of being carried with all classes except the assault class gaining three extra magazines with the former gaining two extra magazines.

Battlefield 4[]

AMMO is a specialization featured in Battlefield 4. It increases the maximum amount of ammunition held by 50%-100% depending on the weapon used.

Upgrade Paths[]

Battlefield Hardline[]

Extra Magazines is a Perk in Battlefield Hardline.

It is only available to the Operator kit, at the first Reputation tier. It increases the reserve ammo by roughly 75% on most weapons. Unlike most specializations in Battlefield 4, it is actively applied when it is unlocked, adding three magazines of ammo to the player's inventory immediately without the use of an Ammunition Box.