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"The AVM-2 Groundhog is a specialty personnel carrier, used to deliver infantry into escalated conflict areas. This near impenetrable transport is fortified by a multifaceted armor arrangement, including an amalgamated polymer lattice under five layers of alternating steel and ceramic plates, coated with extreme temperature resilient Kevlar. The driver is armed with an EMP launcher to disable enemy vehicles long enough to escape. The AVM-2s are outfitted with ejecting assault pods, which soldiers can use to mobilize against airborne targets."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The AMV-2 Groundhog is an Armored Personnel Carrier used by the European Union in the 22nd Century, used to deploy infantry in battle in relative safety. It is featured in Battlefield 2142.

The driver operates a fast-firing LMG turret with an EMP grenade launcher that can immobilize other vehicles. The gunner remotely operates a mortar system that fires three shells with an effective range of 250 meters.

All passengers can use slower-firing LMG turrets. Passengers also have access to assault pod launchers that can be used for quick escape, for boarding Titans or other high points, and as a makeshift anti-aircraft weapon.

When near a Titan (or the loading platforms in Port Bavaria), the pod launch system pressurizes to full strength, with an indicator available to the driver. In all other cases, the pods only permit limited ascent.

The Groundhog has an overall armor level comparable to a main battle tank, but does not take additional damage to any side of the vehicle.