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The MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System (ATacMS) is a surface-to-surface missile (SSM), range over 100 miles (160 km), with solid propellant, 13 feet height and 24 inches diameter, manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

The base variants of this missile—Block I and Block IA—carry hundreds of M74 bomblets. The Block IVA variant of this missile carries a single 500 pound warhead.

Battlefield 3Edit

"A Smart Target-Activated Fire and Forget shell [sic] that can lock on to and track enemy land vehicles and can acquire laser-designated targets even if they are out of line-of-sight."

— Battlelog Description

The ATACMS Missile is a secondary specialization for Mobile Artillery vehicles, giving it a capability similar to the Guided Shell available to tanks. It can lock onto other ground vehicles and laser designated targets.


  • The Battlelog description is identical to that of the Guided Shell.
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