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"This 5.56 bullpup design was developed in the 1970s and features high modularity while being fully ambidextrous. Since its adoption as the standard rifle of the Austrian army in 1977, it has seen great success as an export, with a high number of global users praising its ruggedness and excellent handling."

— Battlelog description

The AUG A3 is an assault rifle featured in the Battlefield 3 Close Quarters expansion pack and is unlocked upon completion of the Shepard assignment. The entire weapon has a slightly less obtrusive profile when at the hip when compared to previous iterations of the weapon, and its sight picture follows suit, being virtually identical but seemingly thinner than the Bad Company variations.

Unlike most other bullpup assault rifles, the AUG A3 is capable of mounting the M320 grenade launcher or the M26 shotgun underslung as opposed to standalone. The weapon has very controllable recoil, partially due to its average rate of fire, and performs well at both medium and close ranges.



  • A glitch would occur if an M320 Smoke was attached to the AUG A3; the M320 Smokes' projectile would be the same to the AUG's projectiles, having a very flat ballistic arc with less drop. This was later patched.
  • Another glitch related to the AUG A3's underslung rail occurs if any of the M26 MASS variants were equipped on an AUG A3 using iron sights. The iron sights have no magnification of the player's view when using the AUG A3, but aiming down sights with the M26 active will magnify the sight slightly.
  • The AUG along with the QBB-95 have the highest muzzle velocity of any weapon, even besting the M98B, at 670 m/s.