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The AUG A3 appears as an assault rifle in Battlefield 4.


The AUG A3 is an unlockable weapon obtained by completing the Silver assignment in the mission Kunlun Mountains by scoring 7,000 points.It is equipped with a HOLO, Magnifier and Ergo Grip. It sports a Worm Urban finish.


The AUG A3 is the third to last Assault Rifle unlocked with 48,000 Assault Rifle points. It unlocks the US attachments first and can only unlock the Russian and Chinese attachments through Battlepacks

Because of the AUG A3's controllable rate of fire, high bullet velocity, and minimal recoil, it is best suited for engagements at medium to long range. However, because the AUG A3 is a bullpup oriented rifle, it is quite useful at closer ranges, with a tighter hipfire and a faster strafing speed while ADS-ed. This comes with the downside of a longer reload speed than non-bullpup weapons.

Similar to its Battlefield 3 counterpart, the AUG A3 has an unusually high bullet velocity at 670m/s, giving it one of the fastest bullet velocities in the game, slightly faster than even the high powered sniper rifles like the M98B and SRR-61. However, the AUG A3 has a faster bullet drop of 15 m/s².

Unlike most bullpup assault rifles, it can equip the Underslung Rail, but it cannot mount any M26 variants, only M320 variants.

Overall, the AUG is one of the more balanced assault rifles in the game, offering a controllable rate of fire, balanced recoil, and excellent accuracy, only falling short in close quarters to weapons that either out-damage it or have a faster fire rate.



  • When using the AUG A3 during Kunlun Mountains, the reload animation causes almost the entire magwell of the AUG to clip through the thick sleeves Recker wears.