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"The AUG is an Austrian assault rifle firing the 5.56 NATO round. Its straight line recoil and bullpup configuration makes it more controllable during full auto or sustained semi-automatic fire."

— In-game Description

The STG77AUG is a purchasable assault rifle for the Assault Kit in Battlefield Play4Free with a price of 1249 P4F Funds or 45,000 PF4 Credits. It features low recoil and an increased magazine of 35 rounds over 30 seen in most other assault rifles. Another somewhat unique feature is that its recoil mainly pulls to the right; a common trait found in bullpup weapons. Its low recoil and increased accuracy make it a good choice for larger and more open maps, although its sights can be obtrusive.



  • Battlefield Play4Free is the only Battlefield game to include its proprietary folding Foregrip.