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A Girl Here Age is a Letter featured in Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Wolf and Dog of the Nordlys War Story.


My dear Otto,

Thank you for the letter. I am glad to hear you are keeping well. William said he has not heard any more about that house, but I am sure there will be others.

There are quite a few around at the moment and I image there will be more coming up soon although none of them have included the sale of a separate shop.

I really do think if you want to open a greengrocers you are going to have to like in the flat above it for a while. Really, doesn't a ship and a house at once sound rather a stretch? I know you have the plan to rent the upstairs out but it does seem to add to the work you're taking on for yourself. Why don't you see how you feel once you get home?

Mary has been by again for tea. She brought her knitting with her. Her tension is still a little sloppy, you'll be cold in any jumpers she knits for you. I've suggested she use a smaller needle size if she is set to continue the way she is but you can't tell young people anything these days. She is a very sweet girl though. You really must arrange the marriage as soon as you are home. I know the shop is important but it doesn't look good for a girl her age to still be unwed.

Give it some thought?

Your loving mother