Active Defense System (ADS), is an advanced countermeasure used on vehicles during the 22nd Century.

Battlefield 2142Edit

Active Defense System is an equipped module in both EU and PAC vehicles. It is a form of countermeasure designed to prevent anti-vehicle weapons from hitting the user's vehicle. ADS modules can be found on air transports, gunships, APCs, battlewalkers, and tanks.

When ADS is activated, it projects a hazy green forcefield around the vehicle. This forcefield deflects rockets, missiles, tank shells, and railgun slugs fired from other vehicles (friendly or foe). The vehicle's own weaponry can pass through.

Active Defense lasts for five seconds. It takes twelve seconds to recharge. The forcefield radius is six meters on ground vehicles and ten meters on air vehicles. Active Defense can be activated while the vehicle is immobilized by EMP.

Active Defense does not stop bullets, motion mines, RDX Demopaks, or EMP weaponry. It protects against direct impacts from anti-air emplacements and orbital strikes, but not their splash damage.

Infantry standing nearby can still receive splash damage from weapons that impact the ADS barrier, or bullets that pass through it.

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