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An AG M/42 in reality

The Automatgevär m/42, also known as the AG-42 or the Ljungman, was a Swedish semi-automatic rifle used by Swedish Army from 1942. Similar in design to the Soviet SVT-40 but chambered in 6.5x55mm, around 30,000 units were produced - far too few to replace the bolt-action main service rifle of the m/96 Swedish Mauser. Both were rendered obsolete by the Ak 4 rifle introduced in the 1960s.

Its only use in World War II came after the liberation of Norway by the Allies in 1945, when it equipped Norwegian police troops trained in Sweden during the German occupation.

Battlefield VEdit

"The Swedish army fielded a limited number of m/42 during World War II. Some rifles found their way to Norway immediately after the war, and it's possible that the m/42 was also used by resistance groups.."

— In-game description

The Ag m/42 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was introduced in the first Tides of War expansion, Overture and can be unlocked upon completion of the final week challenges, Snostorm.[1]

The weapon's closest statistical relative is the M1A1 Carbine, as the Ag m/42's categorically high rate of fire of 450 RPM and four body-shot kill makes it comparable in performance, but with less damage drop-off at range and slightly higher muzzle velocity. The primary drawback is its low magazine size of 10 rounds, which is compounded by an initially slow reload using stripper clips. Although sharing the same capacity of the Gewehr 43, capabilities at distance are hampered by mediocre damage and bullet velocity, confining the Ag m/42 to medium range engagements.

The two sides of the Specializations tree offer a variety of improvements, with the left side augmenting handling speed and recoil control, and the right side prioritizing stationary and mobile accuracy, with the addition of High Velocity Bullets to ease hitting moving targets. The main deficiency of reloading can remediated either with Rank 2 choice of Detachable Magazines, or Rank 3 option of Quick Reload.



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