A bombing run as seen in Battlefield 1943

The Air Raid Bunker is an invulnerable concrete building that is used to call in bombing runs in Battlefield 1943.


The bunker itself can be found on every map except Coral Sea (since there is nearly no infantry based combat). It can be found on the "Airfield" flags of Wake Island and Iwo Jima and the "Outpost" flag of Guadalcanal.

It can only be used as soon as any team has captured it. From there, any player from either faction can activate the air raid.

A player inside the bunker is completely invulnerable and is so until the bombing run has been used. Often, enemy players tend to

The Air Raid Bunker used for calling in Air Raids on the maps they're on.

wait for an enemy player to come out of the bunker to get a kill.


Also see Mitsubishi G4M Betty and B-25 Mitchell

The bombers themselves can be controlled by the player, but their maneuverability is very limited. One should choose a target as soon as possible for the best shot. The player can also fire at will and can switch to first person for an accurate view of what the player is going to bomb. Once the bombing is triggered, all things in the middle and surroundings of the affected area will most likely be obliterated. Trees, in particular, have their branches bent upwards and appear completely burnt.

First-Person view of the bombing sight used to help the bombers drop their payload accurately

The bombers can pack a punch, but they're very vulnerable to fire from AA guns and fighters, especially since they're big targets and are very slow. The raid can still be triggered as long as a single bomber survives, but the raid's performance will be significantly diminished, as that one bomber will not do as much damage as two or three.

If the player is on the USMC, B-25 Mitchells will be sent whilst if the player is on the IJN, G4M Betties will be sent. Their only difference is their appearance.

A very useful strategy to take out all three bombers in a single blast is by using the "AA bomb" tactic. It consist of using a Scout kit and placing three TNT pieces on a fighter plane (F4U Corsair or A6M Zero, both have the same wingspan), one on the front fuselage, and two on the extremities of its wings. Players will then need to pilot the plane between the trio of bombers, right in the center of them, and subsequently eject from the plane and very quickly detonate the TNT. If done correctly, all three bombers should explode, if not at once, a few seconds later after the explosion. The player will then parachute down to safety.

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