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Air Traffic Control is the seventh mission in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 2 Modern Combat.

Mission BriefingEdit

The Chinese have had a string of victories lately, but that ends now. Fresh up from targeting civilian transports, Chinese assault teams have taken our helicopter support base and the Forward Arming and Refuelling Point adjacent to the North Road. Conduct an assault with fast attack vehicles, neutralize all hostiles and secure the airstrip for follow-on operations. We need that support base back, gentlemen.


The player is playing from the viewpoint of NATO in this mission, who are tasked with liberating a heliport from the PLA's control.


To achieve a full 10-star rating, the player will need to complete the following milestones by the end of the mission:

  • Score: 150,000 points or more
  • Time: Completion in under six minutes and forty seconds
  • Style/Weapon Use (amount of hot-swapping): Expert (about 10 hot-swaps)
  • Accuracy: Greater than 50% shots hit
  • Losses: Less than 15 soldiers on the player's team died
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