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"I will not be shaken from my path."

— Akira Sakamoto

Akira Sakamoto (Japanese: 坂本晃) is an Elite available in Battlefield V for the Axis Powers in The Company. He was released alongside Steve Fisher on May 12, 2020.[1]

As with other Elites, Sakamoto features a unique best squad animation and an exclusive melee weapon, the Control Stick. It is unlocked upon completion of Sakamoto's Special Assignment.


Place of Birth: Karafuto, Japan

An accomplished Zero pilot. Disciplined. Exceptional reflexes and ingenuity. Known for being in the right place at the right time when his wingmen need him. Expert at ground support. Enlisted into the Japanese Navy as a teenager originally serving as a turret gunner. Within four years he had graduated to become a carrier pilot. Always striving to be the most proficient in any of his duties earned him the nickname "Bright Student".

Special Assignment[]

Image Name Description Criteria Reward
Battlefield V Elites Assignments Orange Akira I will not be shaken from my path.