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"Maps, more maps, and further maps were revealed at EA PLAY a few weeks back when Battlefield V took the stage. Arriving June 27, Al Sundan is first up of these new fighting grounds."

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Al Sundan is a Battlefield V map introduced in the fourth chapter of Tides of War, Defying the Odds. It was released on June 27th, 2019[1] for Team Deathmatch and Squad Conquest gamemode first due to stability issues on Conquest.[2]

The map is a conversion of the Butcher and Bolt chapter of the Under No Flag War Story to function as a multiplayer level. Taking place on an unidentified point inland from the North African coast, it features the German and British fighting for dominance over a large vehicle-focused map.[3]





British DeploymentEdit

German DeploymentEdit


A: AirfieldEdit

B: Observation PostEdit

C: VillageEdit

D: Radar StationEdit

E: BridgeheadEdit

F: Shoreline BatteryEdit

Team DeathmatchEdit

Team Deathmatch takes place in the village itself, with opportunities for verticality and medium-range combat spanning hills and overlooks.

Squad ConquestEdit



  • Although scheduled for a June 27, 2019 release date, the implementation of larger gamemodes such as Conquest, Breakthrough and Frontlines has been repeatedly delayed due to an artifacting issue specific to the map, possibly as a result of it not originally being designed for multiplayer. It is currently schedule to release with Update 4.6 in September.[4]


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