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All Kit Weapons are weapons that can be used with any kit, such as pistols and shotguns. In older games, only the sidearm of any given faction can be used by all kits, although in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4, there are various types of weapons, rather than just handguns, available to all kits and factions.

In Battlefield 3, AKWs other than pistols and shotguns are known as Personal Defense Weapons, or PDWs. Battlefield 4 has slightly revamped the system, now allowing carbines to become AKWs, with the inclusion of PDWs specifically to the Engineer kit. Designated Marksman Rifles, or DMRs, are a new type of semi-automatic AKW brought into Battlefield 4 that bridge the gap between assault rifles and sniper rifles.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Weapon Faction
M1911 All Allied forces
P38 All Axis forces
Knife All
German Elite Knife German Elite Forces
Commando Knife British Commandos
Frag Grenade All

Battlefield VietnamEdit

Weapon Faction
M1911 US
M-19 US
Viet Cong

Battlefield 2Edit

Weapon Faction
Navy Seals
MR-444 MEC
MEC Special Forces

Battlefield 2142Edit

Weapon Faction
P33 Pereira EU
Takao T20 PAC

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit


Weapon Unlock rank
M9 Default
MP-443 Grach 3
WWII M1911 .45 4
Tracer Dart Gun 11
MP-412 REX 12
M93R Burst 13

Submachine GunsEdit

Weapon Unlock rank
WWII M1A1 Thompson 10


Weapon Unlock rank
870 Combat 1
Saiga 20K 2
SPAS-12 18
Neostead 2000 20
USAS-12 Auto 21


Weapon Unlock rank
WWII M1 Garand Battlefield Veteran rank of 1
M14 Mod 0 Enhanced 19

Battlefield 3Edit

Weapon Type Unlock Requirements
M9 Sidearm US - Standard (unlocked for RU at 100 kills)
MP-443 Sidearm RU - Standard (unlocked for US at 100 kills)
M1911 Sidearm Battlefield Veteran or EA Gun Club
M1911 Tact. Sidearm Battlefield Veteran or EA Gun Club
M1911 Suppressed Sidearm Battlefield Veteran or EA Gun Club
M1911 S-TAC Sidearm DICE employee or All About Precision assignment
870MCS Shotgun 1
G17C Sidearm 4
PP-2000 PDW 7
M9 Tact. Sidearm 10
MP-443 Tact. Sidearm 13
UMP-45 PDW 16
G17C Suppressed Sidearm 19
M1014 Shotgun 22
M9 Suppressed Sidearm 25
MP-443 Suppressed Sidearm 28
G18 Sidearm 30
Saiga 12K Shotgun 34
.44 Magnum Sidearm 36
DAO-12 Shotgun 38 or Physical Warfare Pack
P90 PDW 40
G18 Suppressed Sidearm 41
USAS-12 Shotgun 43
.44 Magnum Scoped Sidearm 44
MP-412 REX Sidearm 5,000 Co-op points
MP7 PDW 34,000 Co-op points
93R Sidearm 86,000 Co-op points
PP-19 PDW Complete Familiar Territory Assignment
MK3A1 Shotgun Complete Scarred Veteran Assignment
M5K PDW Complete Hold the Trigger Assignment
SPAS-12 Shotgun Complete These Hurt Too Assignment
XBOW Gadget Complete Sticks and Stones Assignment
XBOW Scoped Gadget Complete Go Play Close Quarters Assignment

Battlefield 4Edit

Weapon Unlock Requirements
P226 Default for all players
M9 4,000 Pistol score
QSZ-92 8,000 Pistol score
MP443 13,000 Pistol score
Shorty 12G 18,000 Pistol score
G18 23,000 Pistol score
FN57 28,000 Pistol score
M1911 34,000 Pistol score
93R 39,000 Pistol score
CZ-75 45,000 Pistol score
.44 Magnum 51,000 Pistol score
Compact 45 57,000 Pistol score
M412 REX Complete Tombstone Actual (Campaign) Assignment
Weapon Unlock Requirements
AK 5C Default (must have 15,000 Engineer score)
ACW-R 4,000 Carbine score
SG553 11,000 Carbine score
AKU-12 19,000 Carbine score
A-91 28,000 Carbine score
ACE 52 CQB 37,000 Carbine score
G36C 48,000 Carbine score
M4 59,000 Carbine score
ACE 21 CQB 71,000 Carbine score
Type-95B-1 83,000 Carbine score
MTAR-21 Complete Multitalented (China Rising) Assignment
Phantom See Phantom
Designated Marksman Rifle
Weapon Unlock Requirements
RFB Default (must have 32,000 Recon score)
Mk 11 Mod 0 4,000 DMR score
SKS 11,000 DMR score
SVD-12 19,000 DMR score
QBU-88 28,000 DMR score
M39 EMR 37,000 DMR score
ACE 53 SV 65,000 DMR score
SCAR-H SV 82,000 DMR score
Weapon Unlock Requirements
QBS-09 Default (must have 35,000 Support score)
870MCS 4,000 Shotgun score
M1014 11,000 Shotgun score
Hawk 12G 19,000 Shotgun score
Saiga 12K 28,000 Shotgun score
SPAS-12 37,000 Shotgun score
UTS-15 45,000 Shotgun score
DBV-12 59,000 Shotgun score
DAO-12 Complete Dead Stop (Second Assault) Assignment
Hand Grenade
Weapon Unlock Requirements
M67 Frag Default for all players
V40 Mini 500 Hand Grenade score
RGO Impact 1,000 Hand Grenade score
M34 Incendiary 1,500 Hand Grenade score
M18 Smoke 2,000 Hand Grenade score
M84 Flashbang 2,500 Hand Grenade score
Hand Flare 3,000 Hand Grenade score

Battlefield 1Edit

Due to the reworked class system, the following all kit weapons only apply to infantry classes, i.e. Assault, Medic, Support, and Scout.

Weapon Unlock Requirements
M1911 Default for all players
Hellfighter M1911 Battlefield 1: Hellfighter Pack owner
Doughboy M1911 Battlefield 1 Collector's Edition owner
M1911A1 Battlefield V pre-order bonus
P08 Pistol BF1 War Bonds Icon 150 Warbonds
Red Baron's P08 Pistol Battlefield 1: Red Baron Pack owner
Mle 1903 BF1 War Bonds Icon 150 Warbonds
No. 3 Revolver Rank 10 Assault + BF1 War Bonds Icon 150 Warbonds
C93 Rank 10 Support + BF1 War Bonds Icon 150 Warbonds
Kolibri Rank 10 Scout + BF1 War Bonds Icon 150 Warbonds
Nagant Revolver Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar owner + Perform 20 kills with the Luger P08 pistol
Obrez Pistol Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar owner + In a round, perform 5 kills with the Mle 1903 pistol
Revolver Mk VI Battlefield 1: Apocalypse owner + Kill 25 different enemies using Revolvers
Peacekeeper Easter Egg reward
C96 Export Only available in Community Test Environment
Howdah Pistol Sweeper Only available in Community Test Environment
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