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For the World War I Allies, please see Allies (World War I)

The Allies of World War II, called the United Nations from the 1 January 1942 declaration, were the countries that together opposed the Axis Powers during the Second World War (1939–1945). The Allies promoted the alliance as a means to control German, Japanese and Italian aggression.

At the start of the war on 1 September 1939, the Allies consisted of France, Poland and the United Kingdom, as well as their dependent states, such as British India. Within days they were joined by the independent Dominions of the British Commonwealth: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. After the start of the German invasion of North Europe until the Balkan Campaign, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, and Yugoslavia joined the Allies. After first having cooperated with Germany in invading Poland whilst remaining neutral in the Allied-Axis conflict, the Soviet Union perforce joined the Allies in June 1941 after being invaded by Germany. The United States provided war materiel and money all along, and officially joined in December 1941 after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. China had already been in a prolonged war with Japan since the Marco Polo Bridge Incident of 1937, but officially joined the Allies in 1941.

The alliance was formalized by the Declaration by United Nations, from 1 January 1942. However, the name United Nations was rarely used to describe the Allies during the war. After the war ended, the Allied nations became the basis of the modern United Nations.

Battlefield 1942[]

In Battlefield 1942, factions are labeled as "Allies" at the loadout screen. However, every faction is equipped differently and have different color schemes, uniforms and weapons.


Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod[]

In the Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod, the only Allies faction is the United States Marine Corps and fight against the Imperial Japanese Army.

Battlefield 1943[]

In the Battlefield 1943, the only Allies faction is the United States Marine Corps and fight against the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

In the Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the only Allies faction is the United States Marine Corps and only appear in Operation Aurora and fight against the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Battlefield V[]

Several members of the Allies appear in Battlefield V.

Battlefield 2042[]

In Battlefield 2042's Portal mode, the Allies are one of the two factions for the Battlefield 1942 section of the game, opposing the Axis team on the default map settings of Battle of the Bulge and El Alamein

The US and UK (labeled as the US Marines and Royal Marines) are a part of the allies; despite this, both teams utilize the same vehicles and only differ in their uniforms and voice lines.

Vehicles used[]


Battlefield Vietnam[]

  • As Battlefield Vietnam reuses code from Battlefield 1942, in the game's code, the US-aligned factions are still referred to as "Allies".

Battlefield V[]