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"A destructive clash in a majestic city. Fight on the streets and squares in French city of Amiens during the German spring offensive. A struggle in crumbling alleys, a courthouse, around bridges and railways where the British and the Germans desperately seek to control the depths of the city."

— Official website description

Amiens is a map that appears in Battlefield 1.[1] The map is set during the later stages of Operation Michael during the German Spring Offensive in France, 1918. Following the Imperial German Army's breakthrough in the early stages of Operation Michael, German forces advanced towards the Allied railway center of Amiens. However, the German advance was eventually halted East of Amiens, at Villers-Bretonneux. A few months later, the Allies launched the Battle of Amiens, which began the Allies' Hundred Days Offensive which would eventually lead to the end of World War I.

The Battlefield 1 depiction of the battle compresses the scale of the battle, setting the battle within Amiens suburbs itself instead of at Villers-Bretonneux, which was many kilometers away.


Amiens is an uncommonly dense and expansive urban map. Multi-storey buildings, packed into crowded city blocks with tight roads and alleys running between them, stand about in various states of disrepair, with most buildings able to be damaged with explosives and are largely enterable by infantry. At points between the mass of buildings are open squares and plazas, the largest being Place Longueville on the west side of the map. The map is split into north and south by a low-ground railway line that forms a wide trench across the width of the map. The pit is crossed over by two bridges in the map center known as Pont Neuf. Notre-Dame d'Amiens cathedral looms over the map to the northwest and the Parc Saint-Pierre can be seen in the distance from some angles. Although aircraft are not available to either team, various planes will pass overhead throughout the battle.

The architecture is reminiscent of Seine Crossing from Battlefield 3, while the map layout echoes Bridge at Remagen from Battlefield 2142.


The Behemoth is the Armored Train. It runs underneath two bridges, dividing the map diagonally into two sections.

Control Points[]


Control Point Conquest Domination Operations Rush Frontlines
German Deployment BF1 German Empire Icon
Railway Passage 1A 1B
Howitzer Battery A BF1 Light Armor Icon B 1A BF1 German Empire IconA
Parish Ruin 1B BF1 German Empire IconB
Gunfire Alley A
Plaza Ruin B BF1 Flame Trooper Icon C 2A BF1 Flame Trooper Icon B
Pont Neuf Square A 2B 2B
Machine Gun Flat 2A 3B
Pont Neuf 3A
Railway Cutting C
West Bridge C
East Bridge D
Picardy Square D
Command Post 3A 4A BF1 Flame Trooper Icon
Back Alley E BF1 Sentry Icon 3B 4B E
Depot 3C
Train Yard 4A
Place Longueville F BF1 Light Armor Icon 4B 5 BF1 United Kingdom Icon
British Deployment BF1 United Kingdom Icon


Amiens has a symmetric layout for Conquest, with the bridges forming the midline. The packed-in terrain means infantry enjoy a high degree of freedom of movement, through the many alleyways and building interiors that run between the objectives, allowing them to generally avoid the exposed streets via alternate routes. Meanwhile, the few tanks on the map are forced to travel the confined streets and open squares of the map, and are highly vulnerable to ambush but can employ the destructive power of their guns to reduce garrisoned structures. Armored Cars can be used for quick transport, able to utilise passageways too narrow for tanks.


BF1 German Empire Icon German Empire
Light vehicle(s)

1 Horse
1 MC 3.5HP Sidecar
1 KFT Scout


2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford

BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Empire
Light vehicle(s)

1 RNAS Armored Car


2 FT-17/Mark V/A7V/Artillery Truck/St Chamond/Putilov-Garford


German Deployment[]

The Germans deploy from a heavily shelled southeast section of town where virtually all buildings are no more than frames of shattered masonry. They start by a crossroad directly southeast of Howitzer Battery, with the connecting streets taking them either along the railway up to Pont Neuf's West Bridge or past the destroyed Parish into Plaza Ruin. The Germans have access to a second floor apartment that overlooks Howitzer Battery and can be used to support a breakout of their spawn if needed.

British Deployment[]

The British spawn one street over from the Cathedral in the northwest corner of the map. The small plaza is quite unlike the Germans', being enclosed on most sides by intact, impassible buildings with a slim choice of exits which are vulnerable to bottlenecking. One street leads directly to the northwest corner of Place Longueville, while another heads south then east along the railway towards East Bridge. A third infantry-only exit takes the form of a narrow stepped alleyway through the eastern row of buildings.

In addition to their vehicles, an FK 96 is set up in the middle of the plaza guarding the northern base exit.


Howitzer Battery[]

Three wrecked howitzers stand in the yard enclosed by a destroyed housing block. To the north and east of the yard are the skeletal ruins of several buildings, with the still standing walls forming line of sight obstructions against the adjacent roadways. On the west edge of the area, the undulating pile of rubble slopes upwards, reaching the second-storey portion of some split-apart buildings providing elevated firing positions. A mostly intact, three storey house stands on the southwest corner of the yard, and offers an even higher vantage point. A pair of barrage balloons tethered to the building ruins mark the position from afar.

An FK 96 field gun is emplaced at the junction outside the northeast corner of the position, protecting the road between the German deployment and Pont Neuf Square. A carriage-mounted Maxim MG is set up in the attic of the three storey, able to fire down onto the northern approach via a fracture in the roof.

The flag can be used as a forward spawn point for German armour when captured.

Plaza Ruin[]

A triangular plaza with a destroyed building in the center. A pair of buildings with second-story access adjoin, and a third building contains a second-storey platform. All three contain small passageways, one leading towards the map edge through to Parish Ruin on the south side of the area, another passing through to Gunfire Alley to the northeast, a third following the road northwest to East Bridge. Three long lanes branch off from the area, extending back to the tracks near Railway Passage, the Parish Ruin area, and towards a bend leading to East Bridge.

A Flame Trooper kit is found in the central building ruins.

West Bridge[]

Despite the name, West Bridge is set to the east of its twin. It connects Pont Neuf Square to the north side of town. Both West and East Bridge can be taken from railway level, and have pockets at the sides of the bridge supports where infantry can hide. Players can climb out of the railway pit via debris piles forming ramps up the sheer walls supporting the cutting. On top of the bridge level, the short walls can be eroded, further reducing cover to positions fairly easily watched from surrounding buildings. The area is guarded by second floor apartment buildings at either end of the bridge, each of which have passages that run westwards to link with similar style buildings watching over East Bridge.

The apartment on the south end of West Bridge contains a machine gun mounted in the bay window. An FK 96 stands in Pont Neuf Square, on street level to the direct east of the apartment.

East Bridge[]

As above, East Bridge is to the west of West Bridge. On the south side of the bridge is the two storey apartment known as Machine Gun Flat (which does not contain a machine gun in Conquest), as well as some ruins to the west of the road. On the north side is an identical building, and a detached three-storey house directly off from the bridge end. East Bridge connects Plaza Ruin to the northern sector.

The apartment across the railway cutting from so-called Machine Gun Flat does contain a machine gun, emplaced to watch over the bridge. On the west side of the detached three storey is an FK 96, and another carriage-mounted MG is set up outside of the ruined structures on the north side of the railway known as Command Post.

Back Alley[]

Back Alley is a narrow passageway to the north of East Bridge. Unlike most other capture points, which take place in open areas at least a street wide, Back Alley is an intensely enclosed space, with two rows of buildings looking down into a lane only several meters wide. Entry into the alley is granted through use of three gated entances on the east, west and southwest sides, or by going through the ground floor of one of the onlooking houses, which have back doors connecting to side streets to the north and south. Sharp corners can obscure players in the linear capture zone, while those on the second floors can defend the area from above. Explosives can be used to carve new cover positions out of the usually inaccessible ground floors of the nearby buildings.

A Sentry kit is located in the alley next to the flag.

Place Longueville[]

Place Longueville is large square park located on the northwest side of the map. On the north side, is a lush area dotted with trees and bordered by tall brick walls, with a small gravel plaza around a monument in the center. A lone building stands at the northeast corner, and a hillock overlooks the common in the northwest corner. To the east is a large, stately building with an interior comprised of two long hallways connecting a pair of galleries at each end. The exterior veranda provides a slightly elevated shooting position against the low ground of the park. South of that, the building's paved courtyard continues toward the railway.

On the northeast road outside the park's exterior walls, an FK 96 is set up to guard the streets between Place Longueville and Back Alley. Atop the hillock on the northwest side of the park is another field gun and a Maxim MG, emplaced side by side looking inward towards the plaza.

The flag provides a forward tank spawn when held by the British.


Amiens is the second and last map of the Kaiserschlacht in Operations The German Empire attacks the defending British Empire from the southeast.

Sector 1[]

Battle commences in a heavily demolished part of town, following an artillery bombardment. German forces advance from the south, while British forces deploy from an area near Pont Neuf Square. The German attack is made with two tanks and one EV4 Armored Car.

The objectives lie on either side of Howitzer Battery - Objective A, Railway Passage, consists of a small train station with a collapsed foot bridge that would extend to the western side of the tracks. The tracks and a street alongside it lead back to the initial German deployment, and are defended by an FK 96 and an HMG emplaced in the road leading to Pont Neuf. The Armored Train can directly capture this objective.

Parish Ruin is the alternate objective, a gutted church on the eastern side. Some collapsed roofs in this area can be ascended, but are also destructible. Another FK 96 is set up at the intersection outside the building's northeast corner. Defenders can lay siege to the area from the collapsed buildings overlooking the site from the south. A couple of MGs mounted to the torn window sills there can aid in the assault.

Sector 2[]

British forces retreat west into the partially standing structures of Pont Neuf near the railway. Attackers have access to the railway itself, potentially allowing for rear attacks on flag defenders. The Germans lose access to their armored car in the process.

Pont Neuf Square consists of a set of trolley cars and an isolated three-story building standing in the middle of an open plaza south of West Bridge. The building's attic has a single window looking towards the railway. A gallery towards the railway offers ground-level cover, while gutted buildings (containing a heavy machine gun) give second-story access into Pont Neuf, and lead to the adjacent objective of Machine Gun Flat.

Machine Gun Flat is a three-story structure at the southwest corner of East Bridge, with a heavy machine gun looking out from the angled window. A second-story passageway leads through Pont Neuf, rubble flowing down to railway level, and a 45° bend towards Plaza Ruin. A destroyed section of town lies across the street, leading further on to the Train Yard. The flag can be captured from either the second-floor flat, or by blasting through the wall into the ground level. An additional FK 96 is placed near the alleyway that runs parallel to Pont Neuf, oriented towards Plaza Ruin.

Sector 3[]

German forces advance across the railway into the standing northern section of the city. They have three objectives to capture in this sector, strung all along the north side of the railway cutting. The British finally receive tank support of their own at this objective.

Objective A is Command Post, located at one corner of a triangular area on the north side of Pont Neuf, with East Bridge at the sharp corner, and the railway continuing on to the Train Yard. It consists of a heavily shelled corner shop, with a completely caved in building forming a ramp of debris up to the second storey of a more intact neighbouring building - this elevated position is useful for defending the exposed approaches along the south side of the railway cutting. The street-level shop below is also accessible. The area contains several derailed tram cars that form makeshift cover positions. A pair of carriage-mounted maxim guns can be utilised by defenders.

Objective B is Back Alley, a busy off-street crossing with second-story balconies looking into a narrow passage. It lies north of Command Post. The objective can be difficult to breach due to its enclosed nature, but its many exits give players choice in their route of attack.

Objective C is Depot. It is located across the street to the east of Back Alley, with the bridge streets running alongside. Much like Back Alley, the area is enclosed in a cluster of buildings with a cramped foot passage in between, although this particular section of alley is open enough to let in tanks. The alley is shaped like an upturned "J", with the curve of the alley obscuring line of sight, again in a similar way to Back Alley. At the junction between the straight and curve sections of the alley is a gated wall that can be demolished.

Sector 4[]

The ultimate objectives of the operation are the Train Yard and adjacent Place Longueville. Parity of armoured strength is achieved here, as both sides field a pair of tanks.

Train Yard is the lone rail-level objective on the British side of town. Unused train cars are parked on side rails. A pair of office buildings stand alongside, with rubble ramps leading up towards Place Longueville. The Place Longueville objective requires attackers to seize control of the stately building interior. The street level approach to either objective is protected by FK 96 field guns.

Once the sector falls, the Operation Micheal can be declared a success, with the vital rail network of Amiens allowing the Germans to supply further attacks into French territory.


Amiens was added to the Frontlines gamemode along with Argonne Forest during the Nivelle Nights update on June 2017. Teams compete over five flags in an S-shaped layout. The bases are somewhat closer together than in Conquest or Operations.

Each team has a single tank for vehicular support.

German Base[]

The German telegraphs are located across a street from each other between the objectives of Howitzer Battery and Parish Ruin. A is on what remains of a second-storey house on the west side of the area, B is inside the east wing of the church ruin.

Gunfire Alley[]

Gunfire Alley is between Howitzer Battery, Plaza Ruin and Pont Neuf Square, connecting to these areas via several double door passages on various sides, while a long alley on the north side connects the road beside the railway to the road leading to Plaza Ruin, with a shorter alley runs parallel. The area itself is comprised of a ruined city block of several houses, enveloped on most sides by taller buildings. The still-standing row of houses in the capture zone offers many hiding spots, but can be demolished with explosives. The perimeter of the block contains elevated fighting positions, either in the form of upper storeys or by steep ridges created by the rubble.

Plaza Ruin[]

At Plaza Ruin, the capture zone extends to the adjacent street-level buildings to the north and west, as well as the triangular building in the center of the crossing. The overlooking upper storeys remain strong overwatch positions.

Railway Cutting[]

Midway along the map, the railway crosses under two large bridges. Two sets of buildings face each other across the railway, some with toppled facades. The capture zone for this objective is quite large, extending along the base of the rail pit between the two bridges, as well as up the slopes into the oppositely-standing rows of apartments.

Picardy Square[]

Picardy Square is reached by following the road north from East Bridge, and lies between Back Alley and Depot on the northern edge of the map. It consists of a square intersection with a tram car and news pole, although the capture zone extends eastward along the street north of Depot. The area is mostly devoid of cover, and although the adjacent shops can be broken into to take cover, they are mostly outside the capture zone, forcing players to step out into the street in order to seize the objective.

Back Alley[]

The Back Alley objective is moved slightly in relation to its position in other game modes. It is now placed in the back yard to the southwest of the area, with two entrances into the narrow passage of Back Alley on the north side. A third entrance joins the road from Command Post.

British Base[]

The British telegraphs are in and around the park area at Place Longueville. One of the objectives is in the middle of the park in front of the monument plaza, with the other located indoors in the east wing of the garden palace.


Rush takes place in five sectors, taking a more westerly path through the city.

Sector 1[]

Objective A is on an exposed ledge overlooking the Howitzer Battery. Objective B is in a back room of the Railway Passage station. The Parish Ruin area is inbounds, offering a wide flank route.

Sector 2[]

Objective A is in the ruined Plaza, set against the west-side building.

Objective B is near the passageway leading to Pont Neuf Square. The telegraph is set in and more easily defended from the German side.

Sector 3[]

Sector 3 objectives are hidden in the cluster of buildings between the bridges, and to the south of the railway. Objective A is midway along the path between exposed rooms at the railway, and can potentially be watched by the British across the railway.

Objective B is in an open alley, accessible from the street that crosses over East Bridge.

Sector 4[]

German forces now cross the railway to the British-held side of town. Objective A is hidden in the yard behind Command Post. Objective B is in a Back Alley building, at foot of a staircase, visible from a passageway to a northern street.

Sector 5[]

The British make a last stand at Place Longueville. Objective A is in the park center, and objective B is in the palace on the courtyard side.


In Domination, combat takes place on the south side of Pont Neuf. All three objectives are open areas connected by various narrow passageways. The map is extended to Railway Passage, East Bridge, and Parish Ruin to allow flanking around the edges of the map.

Pont Neuf Square[]

This objective is alongside the south end of West Bridge, with the capture zone encompassing a line howitzers and a shop interior on the northeast corner of the square.

Howitzer Battery[]

The capture radius of Howitzer Battery is shrunken, now only including the northwestern ruined buildings along the road between it and Gunfire Alley.

Plaza Ruin[]

The location of Plaza Ruin is largely unchanged, with the capture zone concentrated around the triangular cluster of flattened buildings in the center of the plaza. The accessible second floors of neighbouring buildings are out of the zone, but still remain strong overwatch positions against those seizing the flag from below.

Team Deathmatch[]

Team Deathmatch takes place in a more constricted version of Domination's boundaries. Parish Ruin, and the eastern portion of Howitzer Battery and Railway Passage, are now cut off, concentrating battle more around Gunfire Alley, Pont Neuf Square and Plaza Ruin.

War Pigeons[]

War Pigeons expands upon Domination's play area by now including East Bridge, and the road between it and Plaza Ruin. Parish Ruin, Howitzer Battery and Railway Passage are once again accessible, as are the apartment interiors the run along the south side of Pont Neuf.


DICE announced third map of Incursions is Amiens with a gamemode called "Squad Breakthrough".[2] Squad Breakthrough plays like Operations with a smaller scale by reducing the number of flags per sector to 1 and shorter distance.[3]



  • Occasionally, civilian's screams can be heard on this map, when shooting into some buildings.
  • Several Gotha G.IV bombers are seen flying over the map, however they are not solid objects.
  • In the game files this map is named MP_Amiens.
  • There is an unused gamemode for this map, labelled CONQUESTSMALL0. It is likely an abandoned plan for the Domination gamemode.
  • The internal name for this map in Incursions is MP_Amiens_Callisto.