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"I don't have them! Do you understand? It's not me you want, it's not— it's Solomon!"

— Kaffarov trying to reason with Dima after getting beaten up by him

Amir Kaffarov (Russian: Амир Кафаров) was a Russian arms dealer and tertiary antagonist of Battlefield 3.


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"We can avert war between our nations. Just two of us.
No politicians, no money changing hands.
Just two soldiers speaking the truth."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 3.

Amir Kaffarov stole and sold three nuclear devices from the Russian Government to rogue CIA informant Solomon. During the assault on his villa, Kaffarov was killed or incapacitated by Dimitri Mayakovsky, although his exact fate is never known. During the final interrogation scene, it is stated that Kaffarov had died. This was probably not during the events of Kaffarov, as Dima never states that he had killed Kaffarov while speaking to Blackburn and he even refers to him as though he is still alive.

[1] - Interrogation of Kafarov by Dmitry Mayakovsky


  • Although he is portrayed as being Russian, he speaks English during the radio chatter with his henchmen, except for a "bullshit" that he says after one of his men says three men entered his villa.
  • According to Battlefield 3: The Russian, Kaffarov was in good terms with Faruk Al-Bashir, which is most-likely why he has a luxurious villa that once belonged to the former Shah of Iran.
  • According to Battlefield 3: The Russian, Kaffarov was an ethnic Tajik who served an undistinguished career as a lieutenant in the Soviet Air Force.
    • It can be assumed he was a helicopter pilot during his Air Force service as he attempts to fly a Ka-60 Kasatka away to escape his villa.
  • He is most likely alive since Vladimir explicitly states that GRU wants Kaffarov alive.
  • In The Russian it is stated that he had two North Korean bodyguards.
  • A casting call for the game also referred to Kaffarov as being a Tajik.[1]
    • His description in the casting call says, "Tadjik (sic)/Russian arms dealer. Wealthy, stocky, multi-lingual businessman."


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