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Ammo Pouch IRL

Ammunition Pouches carrying loaded magazines.

An Ammunition Pouch is a small fabric pouch that is used to store additional ammunition and magazines. Ammo Pouches carried with load bearing equipment that is worn by military personnel. Storing ammunition in these pouches allows for easier access when reloading weapons in order to re-engage enemy forces faster.

Battlefield 4Edit

"Picking it up will replenish some ammo for the soldiers main weapon and sidearm."

— Customization menu description (alpha gameplay)

The Ammo Pack is an alternative resupply item for the Support kit in Battlefield 4. It immediately provides two primary and/or secondary weapon magazines for the player that picks it up. It can supply up to three explosives or replacement gadgets, one at a time, like the regular Ammo Box but only while stopping on it.

Like the First Aid Pack, it can be thrown much further than the Ammo Box by targeting an ally. The pack will home on the player, making it unnecessary to compensate for their movement. If thrown at a player that already has their full complement of reserve ammunition, the pack will remain on the ground.


Battlefield 1Edit

The Ammo Pouch is a gadget featured in Battlefield 1 for the Support kit. Functioning in a similar manner to it Battlefield 4 counterpart, it allows players to resupply ammunition for teammates. The Ammo Pouch is also provided to the Cavalry kit, and to riders as a deployable item from horseback.

Like the Bandage Pouch, users on foot can throw pouches at needy teammates with either the Gadget 1/2 button or the Spot button.

Although it provides ammunition more quickly than the Ammo Crate, it provides only four sets of ammunition, only supplies a single player, and is expended once collected. However, if picked up while at full ammo, it will recharge grenades and gadgets like an ammo crate.


Battlefield VEdit

"Small ammo pouch that can be used to resupply allies."

— In-game description

The Ammo Pouch is a gadget featured in Battlefield V, issued to the Support class. Unlike past installments, players spawn with lower amounts of weapon ammunition. As a result, players must resupply frequently. This can only be done with either Ammo Pouches or Ammo Supply Stations. Similar to Bandages, the Support has an unlimited amount of Ammo Pouches with a short cooldown between each use.

Pouches are able to be given to teammates when an ammunition icon is displayed over a teammate. Once this icon is present, the player must hold down the appropriate Gadget button in order to throw a pouch and resupply plays. The Support kit can also resupply with the ammo pouch by holding the gadget button when no icon is present. Should a player be killed, other players can resupply weapons by picking up Ammo Pouches from the body. Ammo Crates feature Ammo Pouches inside them which are picked up when interacted with.



  • Prior to the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC, the Ammo Pouch would instantly restock explosives, but with a preparation delay before they can be used by the player.
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