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An Instant Family is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Egalite of the Tirailleur War Story.


My dear Bill,

You'll never guess, TWINS! One of each! An instant family! Can you believe it? And how did they miss that??

They're both a little on the small side but they're doing so well, putting on weight all the time, no one has any worries from them. We've named the boy William like his daddy and I've gone rogue and named the girl Sarah. I know you weren't wild on the idea but you're not here and it will have stuck by the time you get home so - haha! Seriously though darling, I've gone traditional and given her the middle name Mavis so we can always call her that should you really detest Sarah. I think we can all agree though Sarah is much nicer than Mavis.

As for me, I am vindicated! All those comments from mother about me putting too much weight on and 'making hard work' of it with my tiredness and sickness, well, this hasn't half put her back in her box. She's even offered to get father to make another cot she's so sheepish. I shall be milking it for all it's worth.

I shall go now, two babies, there's always something to do. I'll write properly soon, I just wanted to give you the big news!

Love you

Betty, William, and Sara/Mavis

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