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M4 with angled grip

An angled grip attachment.

The Angled Grip is a weapon attachment that is similar to the Foregrip yet allows the operator to lay the palm of their hand onto the grip while pushing the thumb down on the top of the gun.

The AFG-2 is a type of angled weapon grip that uses a slanted triangle to rest the user's hand, and allow for better grip of the firearm.

Battlefield 4[]

"A modern grip that aims to improve firearm ergonomics and control. Improves Stability by reducing first shot recoil by 33%."

— Battlelog description

The Angled Grip is an accessory for primary weapons in Battlefield 4. It decreases the first shot recoil of a weapon by 20%. This makes it useful for controlling recoil during short bursts, and is especially helpful on weapons with a high initial recoil, like the CZ-3A1 and AEK-971.

Like all other grips in Battlefield 4, it reduces the spread decrease of a weapon by 33%, meaning that it will take longer for a weapon's accuracy to reset.

On any weapon fired in semi-automatic, including select-fire weapons as well as DMRs and semi-auto Shotguns, the recoil of every shot is reduced. It performs the same as its Battlepack-only counterpart, the Folding Grip.

Battlefield Hardline[]

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"Angled foregrip that positions the shooter's off hand high on the centerline of the bore. Improves control by reducing first shot recoil."

— In-game description

The Angled Grip is a weapon attachment featured in Battlefield Hardline. It can be equipped on Carbines, Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Semi-Auto Snipers and some SMGs/PDWs.

It holds the same function as its Battlefield 4 iteration, reducing the first shot recoil multiplier by 33%, reducing the sharp kick of recoil. This makes it best suited to weapons with a high initial kick, such as the AKM and Battle Rifles.

On semi-automatic weapons, it reduces the recoil on every shot, making it very useful for follow-up shots on a semi-automatic sniper rifle, such as the SR-25 ECC.

It has two models, depending on the weapon it is attached to. It uses the models of both the Angled Grip and the Folding Grip from Battlefield 4.

The Angled Grip can be unlocked through the use of a Voucher.