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An Anti-Air Missile or Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) is a guided weapon designed to primarily engage enemy aircraft. Many kinds of anti-air missiles can only be used against aircraft, requiring an active weapon lock in order to launch the missile.

Battlefield 2[]

Anti-air missiles are used as secondary weapons on mobile anti-air vehicles, and as emplacements.

Battlefield 2142[]

The SAAW 86 Anti-Air is available to Engineers as an unlockable weapon that deals direct damage. It is very effective against air vehicles and close-range infantry, but has little effect on ground vehicles and no splash damage against distant infantry.

Gunners in battlewalkers and Rorsch Kz-27 operators can use anti-air missiles that only release EMP. As with other EMP weapons, these can disrupt vehicles, impair vision, and deactivate Active Defense.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

Anti-air missiles are just like their BF2 counterparts.

Battlefield 3[]

"Anti-aircraft missile launchers are mounted on the turret which will lock on to and track enemy air vehicles."

— Battlelog description

Anti-Air Missile is a vehicle specialization available for AA vehicles and mobile artillery in Battlefield 3. When equipped it acts as a secondary weapon, with a targeting reticle similar to that of Heat Seekers that allows the driver to lock onto and engage enemy aerial vehicles with two heatseeking missiles. American vehicles use FIM-92 Stingers, while Russian vehicles use SA-18 Igla missiles.

Anti-Air Missiles make an excellent complement for the AA vehicle's gun, being able to menace jets and helicopters at ranges where the primary gun is simply too inaccurate at to be useful. The missiles are also extremely useful on mobile artillery as well, allowing a user to effectively eliminate ground targets as well as protect itself from possible airborne enemies. The gunner seats on light anti-air vehicles (the HMMWV ASRAD and Vodnik AA in Endgame) have these as their default secondary weapon.

AA missiles can be deterred with IR Flares and ECM Jammer, and lock-on time slowed by Stealth. If the target vehicle has already deployed flares or ECM and you manage to obtain a lock-on, the twin missiles are almost a guaranteed kill; as such they are almost universally used. Each missile reloads independently, eight seconds after the previous one was fired.

Battlefield 2042[]

"CRT Mk5 Anti-Aircraft system. Thermal guidance will track all but the most evasive pilots."

— In-Game description

Heat-seeking Anti-Aircraft Missiles are the default secondary armament aboard the EBAA Wildcat, functioning similarly to the airborne systems.

Anti-aircraft missiles are easily thwarted by Missile Countermeasures, but often continue circling around the target, remaining a threat to any nearby.

In some cases, anti-aircraft missiles may injure or kill passengers aboard a targeted air vehicle while the vehicle may continue with damage.