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The Anti-Tank kit is one of usable kits in the games Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2. Its main role is to destroy armored vehicles such as tanks from long range. The kit in later games is succeeded by the Demolition kit in Battlefield: Bad Company, the Engineer class in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and the Assault in Battlefield 1, Battlefield V.

Battlefield 1942[]

The Anti-Tank is one of the five kits featured in Battlefield 1942. They are armed with a rocket launcher, pistol (depending on the faction at hand), grenades and a knife. The rocket launcher can destroy medium tanks in three shots or less. It's ill-advised to take on anti-infantry duties due to the launcher's small splash radius.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

In the Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod, the Anti-Tank class returns with the exact loadout as its Battlefield 1942 counterpart; with the addition of an alterative class that comes with a Rifle and a Mortar.

Battlefield 2[]

"Heavy soldier equipped to take out vehicles at long-range"

— In game description.

The Anti-Tank, or AT, is a kit featured in Battlefield 2. The AT is armed with a submachine gun as its primary weapon, as well as a faction-specific handgun, combat knife, and a faction-specific anti-tank launcher. Like the Engineer, the Anti-Tank kit is focused upon vehicles, but the Anti-Tank is focused on destroying enemy vehicles rather than supporting friendly ones.

The primary weapon of each Anti-Tank soldier is a submachine gun, with the exception of the DAO-12. Generally speaking, they are low-power, high-spread weapons whose effectiveness is limited to close-quarters.

The AT's gadget is an anti-tank missile or rocket launcher. With the exception of the RPG-7, all available anti-tank launchers are capable of being guided. Each one does heavy explosive damage, but the projectiles travel slowly and each AT only has a few rounds for it. Ergo their effectiveness against infantry is low, but against tanks, APCs, and other slower-moving vehicles the anti-tank launchers can be very potent.

Like the Assault, the Anti-Tank is additionally equipped with body armor, which decreases damage to the torso. However, it also reduces sprinting time.[1]


Base Game[]

Special Forces[]

Battlefield Online[]

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The Anti-Tank kit is featured in Battlefield Online.