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Battlefield 2042[]

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"Explosive device designed to destroy armored vehicles. Explosive will detonate when enemy vehicle passes over it, making concealed/tactical placement a user consideration."

— In-game Description

Anti-Tank Mines may be unlocked at Level 38 in Battlefield 2042. They remain a powerful anti-vehicle weapon.

Care must be taken when requesting Call-ins, as mines will detonate against empty vehicles.

Mines cannot be placed on top of vehicles.

After UPDATE #7.0.0, Anti-Tank Mines now take 2 seconds before they activate and detect vehicles.[1]

Anti-Tank Mine Layer[]

"Deploy a pattern of Anti-Tank Mines. Hinders enemy advance – or cover a retreat."

— In-game Description

Anti-tank mines can also be deployed by the driver of the M5C Bolte. A series of four mines is placed within one second from underneath the vehicle.

Only one set of mines may be deployed at a time, with the previous set expiring harmlessly.

Battlefield Portal content Battlefield Portal[]

Anti-tank mines from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 are available for use in Battlefield Portal.