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Anvil 3-2 was the call sign of a M1A2 Abrams tank that was attached to an unknown company in the 1st Tank Battalion in Battlefield 3. Like the rest of the 1st Tank Battalion, Anvil 3-2 deployed to Iran when the United States invaded it following a coup by the PLR.

During the events of October 31, 2014, Anvil 3-2 took part in a battle in which elements of the 1st Tank Battalion charged toward an enemy encampment across open desert, engaging enemy tanks as they moved to silence an enemy rocket artillery battery. During the fighting, Anvil 3-2 is struck by two anti-tank rockets, causing the tank to start burning up. Two crew members in the turret escape, rolling on the ground to extinguish the flames on their uniforms. The fate of the driver and the third crewman in the tank's turret is unknown.

The other M1 tanks nearby did not stop to render assistance, but instead moved ahead and destroyed the enemy forces that had been firing on Anvil 3-2 and the other American forces present in the area.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Anvil 3-2 takes its name from the radio callsign system used by the U.S. Marine Corps. "Anvil" is the callsign for the tank company that Anvil 3-2 is a part of. The "3" indicates 3rd Platoon, and 2 indicates it as the 2nd "team"- in this case, a single tank.

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