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Archangel is a character in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Archangel is the mission commander of Bravo-Two Charlie, during the mission Cold War. When Redford requests permission for Preston to engage the possible HVI who killed the NSA Agent the squad was to extract, he declines but tells them to capture the Agent's vehicle, an M939 Truck with holds an important package in back. Once the squad reaches the town while complaining over his decision, he comes back on to give them permission to engage the town the vehicle was located in as it was declared hostile by command.

Late in the mission, after Bravo-Two had just escaped the Russian soldiers in Vodniks and Quad Bikes following them in the truck, Archangel comes on again to say an enemy helicopter was detected in the area, but there was static as he said "helo", to which Sweetwater asked for him to repeat until the Mi-28 flies right over the truck.

Archangel does not make a physical appearance in-game and has a similar role to Mike-One-Juliet in the previous game. Bravo-Two is then recruited to the Special Activities Division by General Braidwood who then becomes their acting mission commander, except in Heavy Metal where the United States Marine Corps mission commander in Argentina, Riverguard, takes this position.

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