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The Attackers have 75 reinforcement tickets available to them, which will replenish upon taking another base from the Defenders. The map has five sets of M-COMs, making it one of the longest Rush maps in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The only other maps to feature as many sets are Valparaiso, Laguna Presa, Oasis, and Harvest Day.


This map starts out very vehicle centric, but as it progresses, it focuses more and more on infantry combat for both teams while vehicles take more of a support role.

Flag of Russia Russian Army
Main battle tank(s)



9M133 Kornet

Flag of the United States United States Army
Light vehicle(s)

Quad Bike

Main battle tank(s)

M1A2 Abrams




There are a total of six bases on this map, with five of them holding two M-COM Stations each that the Defenders must hold in order to win, while the Attackers must destroy in order to win. With 12 players on each team on a vast map, the flanks of both teams are extremely vulnerable. A player can sneak behind enemy lines almost at will. One or two players behind enemy lines engaging in tactics such as placing C4 on vehicles, stealing tanks, knifing UAV operators, killing snipers, and firing upon rallying/massing positions are extremely effective. When used in tandem with 10 players defending the M-COM stations the Attackers will quickly run out of tickets.

Attackers Deployment[]
Arica Harbor Attackers Deployment

The Attackers Deployment is the starting base for the US Army. The base is located at the end of a long highway leading to the first set of M-COMs and the defending Russians' first base, the Border Control outpost. The Attackers' spawn has little cover in the middle of the highway, but many damaged cars and buses are strewn about the side of the road, making for many great places for Recon players to set up shop and cover the advance of the rest of the team. Closer towards the Defenders' base are more destroyed vehicles, as well as the addition of destroyed and flaming M1A2 Abrams tanks and destroyed HMMWVs from a previous, unsuccessful assault. A noteworthy but relatively unused structure is a guard tower about two thirds down the highway near the Russian base. The ladder is on the far side, but this tower provides a decent overview and has a KORD HMG pointed towards the enemy base. However, the tower doesn't have much cover and is very blatantly placed. Occupants could easily draw attention to snipers, especially while climbing the ladder.

Two A-10 Thunderbolts will strafe the road near the Border Control station about a minute into the start of the game. They cannot damage any players, but they may blow up any Anti-Tank Mines placed by the Defenders if they hit them.

With open sight lines all the way to the Border Control outpost, the best way for the Attackers to travel to the enemy base to destroy the objectives would be by vehicle, as many spawn at the base. Beware, though, of enemy TOW missiles and anti-tank mines. The open sight lines also give way to a tactic that involves using the High Power Optics Package and firing the main gun of the Abrams at the M-COM stations, as both can be seen from the Attackers Deployment. It may take some time to get the correct height adjustment, but once a player finds it, they can fire away until both of the objectives are destroyed. Alpha can be destroyed by hitting the large office building's walls until it collapses, but Bravo will need to be taken out by constant fire as it is in some barracks which cannot collapse.

However, because the base is very open, any player in a tank is fairly exposed, meaning they can be taken out by a mortar strike or rockets if they are not paying attention. Defenders should be aware of this weakness and by any means necessary try and stop the Attackers from hitting the M-COMs by destroying all of the Abrams tanks as fast as possible, as it only takes a few hits from the main cannon to destroy an M-COM station.

US Deployment[]

Under US control, this base will regularly spawn: two M1A2 Abrams, two HMMWVs, one Quad Bike, and one UAV-1, all of which are along the highway in somewhat of a formation with the quad bike in front, the HMMWVs in the middle, and the Abrams tanks taking up the back.

Border Control[]
Arica Harbor First Stage
Arica Harbor Border Control

The Border Control outpost is the first of a series of 5 in the line of defense for the Russian Army Defenders of Arica Harbor. It is located down a highway from the US Army's Attackers Deployment and is situated between a hill to the right of the base, commonly used by attacking US snipers, a hill in the front that is rarely used in a similar way, a wall towards the Town outpost, and a before a cliff along the coastline that is inaccessible.

Objective Alpha is located in an office building and can be destroyed using Destruction 2.0 as it commonly is. Objective Bravo is located in the middle barracks of three off to the left, and cannot be destroyed using destruction. It is either armed by the Attackers, or destroyed by "tank snipers" - enemy tanks with the High Powered Optics Package equipped. There are three guard towers, with two mounting two KORD HMGs each - one facing the Border Control and one facing the Town - along the wall towards the Town, and one at the back-right corner of the base on the hill; it does not have any mounted KORD HMGs however.

As the Attackers Deployment has a straight shot to this base, the Attackers will be coming in through one, albeit large, way. The Defenders should make use of the two 9M133 Kornets located along the road that leads through the outpost, as well as place Anti-Tank Mines either along the road or off to the front-left area beyond the chain-link fence. The two T-90s given to the Defenders should be used defensively, with Engineers keeping them in working order while they keep the enemy vehicles at bay.

The hill along the left side is a common sniper location for the Attackers and should be made a note of, as at least one enemy Recon player will snipe from here, and if their squad is smart, they will follow suit and spawn on the player. The rock cliffs around the enemy vantage point can be accessed by going towards the rear guard tower and then moving along the cliffs to flush out the enemies located there. The hill in front of the base is rarely used by the Attackers, and if a Russian Army Recon player can get on top of the trees located at the top of the hill through use of the adjacent rocks, they will be able to see clearly into the enemy deployment, allowing them to spot vehicles and infantry traveling along the highway for the rest of the team, as well as taking out a few along the way. The problem with this spot is that any player up there is very exposed, but not entirely visible as they will be wearing a ghillie suit.

Russian Control[]

Under RU control, this base will regularly spawn: two T-90s at the back-left corner, five KORDs - four on the left side guard towers, one on the guard tower closer to the Attackers Deployment, and three 9M133 Kornets - two situated on the main road, one closer to the Attackers than the other, and one behind the T-90 spawns in the absolute rear left corner.

US Control[]

Under US control, this base will regularly spawn: one M1A2 Abrams next to the road where the T-90s previously spawned, one HMMWV near the new Abrams, and one UAV-1 near the three barracks located in the rear (now left side) of the base. The emplacements leftover by the Russians will stay until they have been destroyed.

Arica Harbor Second Stage
Arica Harbor Town

The Town outpost is unlocked after the Border Control outpost is taken by the Attackers. It is located just down a hill past the gate leading out from the Border Control. This area has many one- and two-story houses to take cover in, as well as three buildings under construction, one in front of the town on the hill, and two on the lower right side. These construction sites have ample cover within them, making them great for Recon players to utilize. The forward construction site of the two rear ones has a shielded KORD and 9M133 Kornet on top, but being on the top level, they can be easily hit by a mortar strike. The red two-story house in the rear of the base next to the raised terrace is another good place to snipe from, as it has a clear shot to anywhere along the side of the mountain that is at the left side of the Town. Another red two-story sits just beyond the front construction site on the hill and can act as a forward defense outpost as the attacking US Army will be pouring over the hill in front of it. The green and beige two-story next to it is another decent place to hold the line, but a water tower obstructs much of the view of the hillside; it can however be destroyed with explosives. A third red two-story house sits in the front right corner, about midway between both construction sites. it poses a as a good place for cover against any enemy infantry proceeding through the rocks along the right side of the road out in front of the Town, and also has a view towards the Border Control.

Objective Alpha is concealed inside a building alongside the road and a garage door must be destroyed in order to reach the M-COM Station. Once the Attackers get in, it is very hard to disarm even after pounding it with grenades. Objective Bravo is located in a green and beige two-story house alongside the road towards the rear and can be destroyed using destruction; it has a shielded KORD on top of it that is semi-useful to suppress the enemy. It is best to try and hold Alpha as long as possible since if the Attackers kept their Abrams from the assault on the Border Control, they will easily be able to destroy the house containing Bravo. The Defenders should always keep a Medic near Alpha or even in the garage it is located so that they can heal or revive anyone else defending there, as well as using suppressing fire to keep enemies out.

Anti-Tank Mines come to great use again as the Abrams will generally travel along the road towards the Town, meaning the road should have some along it. Other good spots for these are the path between the red two-story and the green and beige two-story, as the HMMWV can try to go through there to flank the base; the last spot would be between the red two-story in the front-right and the rocks along the road, for the same reasons. With the only emplacements the Russians have for this base being exposed to mortar fire, the T-90 should be used to try and keep the enemy at bay with the High Powered Optics Package so it can sit in back, or with the Active Armor Upgrade so it can hunt down enemy tanks but still take a beating. The Attackers will also try to take the upper section of the town viciously, as they come down the mountain and end up there. The Defenders should still keep troops located around the base to watch for infiltrators, but their main focus should be the hillside out in front.

Russian Control[]

Under RU control, this base will regularly spawn: one T-90 next to the raised terrace in back, two shielded KORDs, on top of the construction site in the back, covering the approach to the town and one on top of the building objective Bravo is located in, and one 9M133 Kornet next to the KORD on the construction building.

US Control[]

Under US control, this base will regularly spawn: one M1A2 Abrams next to the road and the red one-story house on the lower side, one HMMWV in front of the Abrams, and one UAV-1 in the rubble pile near the Abrams] and HMMWV. The emplacements leftover by the Russians will stay until they have been destroyed, but they are generally useless as they face the wrong way.

Arica Harbor Third Stage
Arica Harbor Bridge

The Bridge outpost is unlocked after the Town outpost falls to the Attackers. The US is now put in a good position to lay down some fire as this base has much less cover for the Russians. There are two one-story houses along the left of the road with fences and walls around them with trees for additional cover. There are some large containers about the area, as well as rocks, but there it little much else other than the makeshift locations of the objectives in the destroyed bus and the train car. The road bridge has a shielded KORD with some sandbags and the train bridge has box cars from a derailed train that can be opened up with explosives. The two A-10 Thunderbolts will return and strafe a warehouse along the river in back, completely removing its walls and roof, effectively making it useless for cover. The office building nearby and just barely out of bounds (except for its stairs to the roof), however, may pose as a good sniper position as the tree in front of the stairs provides good cover. It is also rarely used, but covers the slope from the terrace effectively, and the red two-story. Attacking snipers will tend to hide out in the two story barracks building behind the blue fence (which can be open to being flanked), on the construction site of the town or in the two story red house. More advanced attacking snipers (usually with the 12x scope) will retreat behind the town onto the large ridge (which is no longer out of bounds after taking the 'Town' as a base) gaining a view of practically the bridge and some of the harbor.

Objective Alpha is inside the destroyed bus which is very open and has a decent amount of cover along it, with the doors being closer to where the Attackers will be coming from on the hill by the two one-story houses. Objective Bravo is inside a train cart and the US Army must use explosives to reach inside to the objective. The Attackers will generally try to come through the construction site or back by the raised terrace. The red two-story behind the terrace is now a good vantage point for them, as is the construction site, but a two-story barracks closer to the Bridge outpost obstructs some of its view and is commonly used as well. The slope coming down from the terrace down to the one-stories has a decent amount of cover with wooden fences and trees protecting the Attackers as they advance.

The Defenders should keep tabs on the M1A2 as it can be used to great effect to destroy the M-COM Stations if it is placed near the construction site or just around the corner of the road in the Town before the road turns towards the Bridge outpost. The HMMWV can pose a threat too as a mobile emplacement, but it is either rarely used or destroyed quickly with a rocket or mines. Anti-Tank Mines should be placed on the road however, as the enemy tank will sometimes come in close as a distraction so the team can try to infiltrate from the side while the Defenders are busy.

Russian Control[]

Under RU control, this base will regularly spawn only a KORD on the bridge to the next base.

US Control[]

Under US control, this base will regularly spawn: one M1A2 Abrams on the road, close to the one-story houses, and one UAV-1 in the construction site near the two-story barracks. The KORD leftover by the Russians will stay until it gets destroyed, but it will now face the wrong way and is usually run over by the Abrams moving along the bridge.

Arica Harbor Fourth Stage
Arica Harbor Base Harbor

The Harbor outpost is the fourth line of defense for the defending Russian Army. By this point in the game, the odds switch to favor the Russians as this base is hard to take without blowing up the objectives with explosives or the tank rather than arming them. Being a harbor, there are warehouses and large container crates scattered about, with a few office buildings as well, and two large cranes in back. There is also a semi-sunken and damaged container ship docked at the Harbor, but it is inaccessible. Closer to the bridges, there is little cover other than the train cars and a large green dumpster under the train bridge, as well as the bridge supports. There are three main crossings for the Attackers to get across the river, with two being the bridges and the third being an area between the sea walls that can be crossed on foot or by vehicle. A less commonly used route is to flank the Defenders is accessible by swimming along the river and climbing the very last ladder to gain a tactical advantage. The Defenders have a few emplacements across the bridge for cover, but they are exposed without a roof to cover them, and they can be easily mortared.

Objective Alpha is inside an over-turned train cart and Attackers must use explosives to reach it or blow up the red explosive barrel on its far side from the Bridge outpost. Two large concrete blocks are in the train car, providing cover for anyone in there. The side of the cart - now technically the roof - can be blown out by explosives, but it is surprisingly hard for mortar strikes to kill anyone in the car as they are generally inaccurate. It is a good idea for a Defender to set up a firing position from inside the last box-car. The advantage of this tactic is that the Attackers generally over-run this point and are easy targets to engage and destroy. A couple of players behind enemy lines can cause mass chaos and frustration for the attacking/defending players.

Objective Bravo is located in a small warehouse and cannot be destroyed using Destruction 2.0, but is surrounded by piles of lumber for cover. It is best to try and keep both objectives' structures intact, as if they are destroyed, it will be hard for both teams to arm or disarm the objective without the use of smoke grenades from Assault wielders or the UAV-1 if the operator has the Smoke Countermeasures Package.

The M1A2 Abrams the Attackers have is less useful here, as the river crossing and road bridge are usually mined by the Defenders - either on them or at the end of them. If it does penetrate defenses, the Defenders should take it out quickly with either rockets, C4, more mines, or the 9M133 Kornet located where the road splits to follow the rail line and heads into the Harbor outpost a bit after the road bridge. The shielded KORD there can also help to defend against enemy infantry that may try to take the small hill with rock outcroppings flanking the Kornet and KORD.

Russian Control[]

Under RU control, this base will regularly spawn: one KORD and one 9M133 Kornet past the two bridges, out in the front left corner of the base, another Kornet also spawns in a box car at the rear left corner of the base near the office building, but the sides of the car must be blown out to reveal it.

US Control[]

Under US control, this base will regularly spawn: one M1A2 Abrams on the road, close to the double-stack of containers and the warehouse where Bravo was, and one UAV-1 near the office building. The emplacements leftover by the Russians will stay until they are destroyed, but they will pose little use as they are far from the next outpost and all face the wrong way.

Last Stand[]
Arica Harbor Fifth Stage
Arica Harbor Last Stand

The Last Stand is unlocked for the defending Russian Army after the Harbor outpost - renamed the Last Push, as it is the last base for the Attackers - is taken by the US Army. The Russians mainly spawn very close to the base - as it is their last before they lose - just behind it in the hill with rocks on it. There is a two-story barracks just behind the main construction site where the objectives are located, as well as a large warehouse and another two-story barracks next to the rail yard that can be used defensively - the barracks has a KORD mounted in one of the windows - but the main focus of the Russians should be the construction site as the fiercest fighting will come to play here. The Russians should be mindful of these areas, as infiltrators may try to come through here to hit the construction site from the side, but the brunt of the attack will come between the cranes, container crates, and other clutter between the Last Push outpost and the Last Stand outpost.

Objectives Alpha and Bravo are both located in a construction site of two buildings put together and are not vulnerable to Destruction 2.0. Objective Alpha is on the first floor in the front and Bravo is on the second floor in the back. Both objectives are incredibly important for the Russians to hold as this is their last chance to hold out against the US Army. If either objective is armed, they will need to be quickly disarmed and have the Attackers flushed out from the area or else the Russians will surely lose if the US can gain control of the site. The KORD and 9M133 Kornet on the front of the construction site can be useful to keep the enemy at bay, but only for a while before the operators are killed and the emplacements destroyed.

As always, mines should be placed on the road, as the Abrams may try to close in on the base as it is less effective further back with the construction site having many walls defending it, obstructing the view of the tank driver and/or gunner. The tank may also go behind the large warehouse to try and snipe Bravo from there as Alpha will be covered by containers within the warehouse. Smoke grenades and shotguns can come to great use here for both teams, and motion sensors for each will be useful as well to asses enemy positions. Medics will also play a vital role as the need to keep your team alive. When defending at least one Medic in the squad should stay within the construction complex (the third floor provides cover from mortar strikes and distant snipers) to revive and heal people, as once an objective is armed it is very difficult to disarm if one is outside the complex charging in. With the Defenders spawning on the hill directly behind the base, they may place a few snipers there to cover the approach to the construction site, but in general snipers will find it difficult to find good cover. The Attackers have some decent spots, from as close as the roof of the building in front of the office complex to in some rare cases, the mountain all the way back between the Town and Border Control outposts for those snipers who enjoy extreme ranges.

Russian Control[]

Under RU control, this base will regularly spawn: two KORDs, one on the second level of the construction site and one in a window of the two-story barracks facing the construction site from across the road, and two 9M133 Kornets, one on the left side of the front of the construction site on the second level and the other just next to the road and the two-story barracks behind the construction site.