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Battlefield 1Edit

"Armed with a 13pdr cannon and anti-tank mines, this version can engage with both direct and indirect fire."

— In-game description

The Armored Artillery Package is the default Vehicle Package available for the Artillery Truck in Battlefield 1.

While driving, the driver has access to a light machine gun to fire on infantry in the open and small vehicles. It can only fire on targets in the driver's own first-person field of view. Bullets leave the barrel at 870m/s, performing well against distant targets.

The secondary weapon is a 13 Pounder Cannon that is highly effective against heavy armor and buildings. It has 360° coverage, and decent gun elevation and depression. It compares favorably against the FK 96 field gun and the 75mm HE Howitzer on the Howitzer Light Tank.

The shells have considerable drop at long range, though distant targets can be struck with practice. The cannon is not completely accurate, further limiting its use at long range. The cannon's higher elevation off the ground limits its use against close infantry targets.

The package also provides Emergency Repair to restore mobility, and Anti-Tank Mines to deny vehicle access or deter pursuers.

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