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Battlefield 1Edit

"Equipped with a versatile mortar firing many types of shells allows this version to deal with infantry from extended range."

— In-game description

The Armored Mortar Package is an unlockable vehicle package for the Artillery Truck in Battlefield 1.

Its primary weapon is a heavy machine gun, usable while the vehicle is in motion. It can deal damage to light armored targets, a task for which other artillery truck packages must rely on their secondary weapon.

It also offers three ammunition types for its mortar system, which has considerable range and full 360° coverage.

The Artillery Truck's mortar shells fly faster and deal more damage than the Support mortars. However, the Support mortar can be fielded in greater numbers and has an HE shell variant.

The complete lack of defensive options makes this package unsuited to use at the front lines.


  • During the Battlefield 1 beta, high explosive shells were available as an ammunition type.
  • Prior to the May Update, the Mortar Package for the Landship offered less powerful, shorter range shells, offset by its extra gunner positions. It now offers more powerful heavy shells.
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