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Battlefield 1[]

"Equipped with a versatile mortar firing many types of shells allows this version to deal with infantry from extended range."

— In-game description

The Armored Mortar Package is an unlockable vehicle package for the Artillery Truck in Battlefield 1.

Its primary weapon is a heavy machine gun, usable while the vehicle is in motion. Similar to its stationary version, the HMG can deal minor damage to light armored targets, which are those auto-spawned transport cars like the RNAS Armored Car.

The secondary, actually major weapon of the mortar truck is the Ordnance ML 3-inch mortar (81mm). The Artillery Truck's mortar shells fly faster and deal more damage than the Support mortars. However, the Support mortar can be fielded in greater numbers and has an HE shell variant. The reload systems of the mortar truck and the Support mortar, each, differ from each other, in the sense that the mortar truck reloads one shell at a time, whereas the Support mortar reloads a whole mortar system in bulk.

The mortar system itself has considerable range (about 200 meters) and full 360° coverage, but can only be fired in stationary. After firing the mortar, the driver will automatically enter a perspective of tracking the trajectory of the projectile to confirm its landing point (same with other mortars), but the player can skip this process by pressing the default right-click to quickly fire.

The default "shell type" is the Airburst Mortar, which has a maximum reserve of 4 rounds. When firing, the driver can quickly clear their ammunition reserves at a RoF of about 3 seconds per round, at the cost of not being able to fully restore the dispersion radius of the mortar (which takes nearly 8 seconds) after firing the round. Driver can start the loading process at any time by pressing the default R key, which takes about 6 seconds to reload 1 round. Although the Airburst Mortar is primarily used against infantry, it can also cause some damage to armored targets, but it will clearly be lower than the HE Mortar of the Mark V Landship's Mortar Package.

The Mortar Package does not have any "equipment" like Emergency Repair or Drop Supplies, but has Smoke Mortar and Gas Mortar as alternate shell types. Due to this characteristic, Smoke Mortar and Gas Mortar do not share the RoF and ammunition reserve of Airburst Mortar. In fact, after firing an Airburst shell, the driver can immediately fire a Smoke shell, and then immediately fire a Gas shell. Both Smoke Mortar and Gas Mortar have only 1 round of "ammunition reserve", and will enter the loading process after firing it. The Smoke Mortar will take about 15 seconds to reload, while Gas Mortar will take about 35 seconds.

The complete lack of defensive options makes this package unsuited to use at the front lines. When encountering enemy tanks head-on, the Mortar Truck is completely a live punching bag, and an enemy Assault approaching from the side can also easily immobilize the Mortar Truck.


  • During the Battlefield 1 beta, high explosive shells were available as an ammunition type.
  • Prior to the May Update, the Mortar Package for the Landship offered less powerful, shorter range shells, offset by its extra gunner positions. It now offers more powerful heavy shells.
  • It is common for private servers to disable Mortar Truck as it is mainly used to against infantry and do little contribute to the team.
  • Historically speaking, the Ordnance ML 3-inch Mortar Mark II was designed in the 1930s. It is possible that the developers referenced to incorrect modeling, as WW1 Stokes Mortar was Mk I. The Pierce-Arrow AA Armored Lorry has never been equipped with a mortar.