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Flag of the ARVN

The flag of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam; the slogan translates to "Homeland, Honor, Duty"

The Army of the Republic of Vietnam, commonly abbreviated to ARVN, was the main land force of South Vietnam, which existed from 1955 until the fall of Saigon in 1975. The ARVN was completely supplied by the United States in weaponry and vehicles. After the reformation from the Vietnam National Army, the ARVN focused on defending South Vietnam from Viet Cong guerrilla forces. Once the full-thrown Vietnam War started, the ARVN saw less and less action in the war, mostly being replaced by American forces on the battlefield. Usually, the ARVN came after the initiation of American operations and supported American troops. ARVN forces also stayed within occupied cities and areas to defend against counter-attacks. In the final stages of the war, with the retreat of American forces from Vietnam, the ARVN was the bulk of the remaining anti-communist aligned forces and eventually failed to hold back overwhelming NVA forces which led to the fall of Saigon. After that, ARVN soldiers were reformed into the Vietnam People's Army, while officers were exiled to the United States.

Battlefield Vietnam

In Battlefield Vietnam, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam fights alongside the US Army, USMC and MACV against the North Vietnamese Army in historical battles of the Vietnam War.

Engagements against the NVA

VS Team Map
Flag of North Vietnam North Vietnamese Army

Player Kits

ARVN uses exclusively American made equipment.

When compared to the US faction kits, their loadouts are identical to the US Army, however they trade their Mossberg 500s and Claymores for CAR-15s and C4.


Loadout 1

Loadout 2


Loadout 1

Loadout 2

Heavy Assault

Loadout 1

Loadout 2


Loadout 1

Loadout 2


ARVN uses American made vehicles, identical to other factions.





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