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"It’s seemingly serene, this lush French village and its pictorial houses, kissed by the sun and hugged by wall-climbing vegetation. But the scars of Arras run deep – and yet another World War is about to rattle the serenity."

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Arras is a map set to be featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the This is Battlefield V trailer.

It takes place during the Battle of Arras on May 21st 1940. With the Germans already having reached the English Channel on May 19th, a Franco-British counterattack spearheaded by armored units was made against the southern flank of the German front, with the intention of halting or otherwise stalling them from completing the encirclement from the southwest. Although initially promising the attack was repulsed within 24 hours. This and other failed counteroffensives ultimately left the majority of the British Expeditionary Force, along with the French First Army, trapped in a pocket centered around the seaside town of Dunkirk.


One of the main visual features of the map is a French village surrounded by vibrant yellow fields of canola - its aesthetics and layout intends to evoke Soissons from Battlefield 1, or Harvest Day from Battlefield: Bad Company.[1]

Flag LayoutEdit


Battlefield V Arras Conquest Layout

In Conquest, Arras is divided into six flags, with five flags forming the periphery around a sixth, central flag located in the middle of the map.


Each side is allotted a pair of tanks and aircraft, as well as four light vehicles. The mode supports an additional tank and two gun carrier call-ins of the Squad Reinforcement system[2]


Both teams have only a single spawn point. The Germans deploy from a fork in the road in the far south, with the left bearing taking them to the nearest capture point of Bridge, the other curving northeast towards Tank Wrecks. Opposing them are the British, who deploy from a similarly arranged three-point junction on the northern edge - their roads take them west, south and east towards Hill Farm, the Village, and Field, respectively.

A: Water MillEdit

Water Mill is found in the map's southwest corner, and consists of a farming compound next to a shallow river. A single, large structure houses the eponymous mill and overlooks the open, muddy yard from the south. The flag is found in the middle of the yard, which is mostly devoid of cover save for some agricultural equipment and a perimeter wall of dry stone, although the position can be reinforced with fortifications.

B: BridgeEdit

A Bridge over the stream is found east of Water Mill, and is the closest capture point to the German HQ. Consisting of little more than a narrow stone arched bridge and an accompanying house, the area is fairly sparse. Players can hide in the riverbank and capture the flag in defilade from the southern roadway, and the bridge itself can be destroyed to hinder enemy movement.

C: Tank WrecksEdit

The aftermath of a significant armored clash in found in the open fields along the map's east side, where dozens of smouldering tank hulks litter the heavily cratered farmland. Although the wrecks and numerous they are somewhat spread out, and concentrated around the field's eastern edge - as they provide the majority of cover, players on foot will have to move tactically in order to reach the capture zone. Furthermore, the flag's location at the map center is at a lower elevation than the surrounding perimeter, granting superior fighting positions on the edges of the radius.

D: Hill FarmEdit

Located directly outside the British spawn in the northwest corner, Hill Farm is another isolated farming homestead, consisting of two houses and a grain silo. The position sits atop a slight hillock that descends to the north and south, the latter of which giving way to open fields cuts across by trenches. These excavated positions provide a covered route partway to Village or Water Mill.

E: VillageEdit

The centerpiece of the map, the Village, consists of a dozen single and multistorey houses intersected by main roads. Structures are overgrown with vines and packed tightly together amongst varying elevations of partitioned gardens, resulting in close-quarters fighting. The flag itself is found on the northeast side of the settlement at an open cobblestone junction, opposite a large church. Players can fight from the interior of this building as well as the belltower, the tallest point on the map, which can in turn by toppled by shellfire. Fortifications can be erected on the roads to block vehicle movement into the town, and new infantry routes through buildings created by knocking down walls.

F: FieldEdit

The northeast side of the map is comprised of a vast network of trenches dug in amongst the canola blooms. The flag itself is in the middle of this field, which is bordered to the west by a number of barnyard structures.

Grand OperationsEdit

Arras is the second map in the Battle for France Grand Operation, following Twisted Steel, with the third and potentially fourth days being fought here.


The third day of Operations uses the Frontlines game type. At this time, each team has access to two planes and two transport vehicles, with an additional one tank and two gun-carrying halftracks available as Squad Reinforcements.

Final StandEdit

Should the battle reach a stalemate, a fourth day of fighting occurs during which each team makes their Final Stand.


The attackers are allocated two transport vehicles at all stages.

Sector 1Edit

The attackers begin the fight with two tanks, although these are removed from play in sectors two and three.

Sector 2Edit

Sector 3Edit


Vehicular loadout for each side consists of one tank and transport vehicle. Another tank and two gun carrier halftracks can be brought in with reinforcement points.