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"I'm Arthur fucking Bridger, gimme the fucking money!"

George Mason's impersonation of Arthur Bridger

Arthur Bridger is a minor character featured in the Battlefield V singleplayer war story Under No Flag, and the father of protagonist Billy Bridger.

He is an infamous and accomplished career criminal, well-known even by the general population. Despite this he has managed to evade prosecution. All this is in stark contrast to Billy's unsuccessful record of robbery - George Mason suggests that Billy was put up to the crime and subsequently took the fall for his father, while Billy asserts the jobs were carried out on his own volition. Eventually after the pair bond, Billy reveals that he did indeed work for and was subsequently sent down for his father.

Throughout the story, Billy will reference his father in dialogue spoken to himself, usually in relation to Arthur's presumed judgement of actions, or in relief that he was not there to observe his failures.