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For the similar Battlefield Vietnam class, see Heavy Assault

The Assault kit is featured in every major installment in the Battlefield Series. The weapons utilized by the kit varies from each game, but as a general rule, it includes an automatic rifle or squad support weapon, as well as the other equipment that is afforded all kits. Prior to Battlefield 2, the Assault kit lacked any special functions or abilities.

Battlefield 1942[]

Main article: Assault/Battlefield 1942

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield 1942. It is armed with a squad support weapon, which varies by faction and is also equipped with a faction-specific handgun, knife, and grenades. The Assault is most effective at medium ranges, as it has less spread than the submachine guns of the Medic kit, but more spread than the rifles of the Engineer or Scout.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

Main article: Assault/Vietnam

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield Vietnam. It features the same, cross-class faction-specific loadout as the other kits; a handgun, grenades (or an underslung grenade launcher, as used by the MACV), and a melee weapon. The Assault kit reappears in the World War II Mod with again no special features. The first loadout features machine guns,while the second loadout is the same but with semi-automatic rifles.

Battlefield 2[]

Main article: Assault/Battlefield 2

"Standard soldier who balances offensive and defensive capabilities."

— In game description.

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield 2. The Assault is equipped primarily with gadgets and weapons focused on anti-personnel works: all of the primary weapons are assault rifles, with moderate damage and moderate spread. With the exception of Assaults equipped with the G3, the main gadget that is offered to the Assault is an underslung grenade launcher -- either a M203, an AG-36, a GP-25, a GP-30, or a F2000 GL, depending on what faction is being played. The G3 is not equipped with such a grenade launcher, and instead possesses smoke grenades. Finally, all Assaults are equipped with a faction-specific handgun.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

"The assault soldier is the spearhead of most offensive operations. Armed with an assault rifle, grenade launcher, pistol, fragmentation grenades, and smoke grenades, assault troops are prepared for any kind of action."

— Instruction Manual Description

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, functioning near identically to its Battlefield 2 counterpart. The class retains its assault rifles with under-barrel grenade launchers as well as smoke grenades, but the class now has access to standard fragmentation grenades at all times and all assault rifles now have a medium ranged scope attached. The Assault remains very lethal at short to medium range against infantry, and the attached optic aids in longer range engagements. Still being primarily made to combat infantry, the Assault's greatest weakness remains the threat posed by tanks and helicopters, which the Assault has little in the way of fighting against.

Battlefield 2142[]

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield 2142, combining the aspects of its past counterparts with the Medic kit from Battlefield 2. The Assault utilizes an assault rifle, sidearm, frag grenades, knife, and medkit. Unlockable gadgets include the Defibrillator, underslung rocket launcher and/or shotgun, and smoke grenades. Assault users can swap their faction-specific rifle for the higher-caliber Baur H-AR, or the high rate-of-fire Voss L-AR.


Battlefield: Bad Company[]

"For the all-around soldier, effective in most situations."

— Instruction Manual Description

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield: Bad Company. As with previous titles, the default primary weapon and sidearm vary by faction. They are able to unlock the LIFE-2 gadget and several other assault rifles for usage, and retain the underslung grenade launcher of their prior iterations, yet do not have most of the special abilities that they could obtain in previous titles, with their healing capabilities split with the Support kit.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

Main article: Assault/Bad Company 2

"The tip of the spear in any offensive. Assault grunts typically carry heavy combat rifles and grenade launchers to quickly clear a path."

— Instruction Manual Description

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, functioning as more of a combination of the Support and Assault kit from Battlefield 2. While it wields an assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher, the assault is now capable of distributing ammunition.


The Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion removes all underbarrel grenade launchers; instead, the Assault is always equipped with an M79—which the Assault retains regardless of the weapon class they are using, removing the capability to lay down C4. The M79 features none of the specialty ammunition the underbarrel grenade launchers could equip, and the assault rifle cannot be equipped with any optic.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

Main article: Assault/Play4Free

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield Play4Free, functioning in an almost identical manner then the Bad Company 2 counterpart. The Assault is capable of laying down ammunition, and is equipped with an assault rifle, grenades, a knife, a sidearm, C4 and a flare gun which temporarily causes nearby teammates to respawn at the user's location.

Battlefield 3[]

Main article: Assault/Battlefield 3

The Assault kit is featured in Battlefield 3, functioning nearly identical to its Battlefield 2142 counterpart; a combination of the Battlefield 2 Assault and Medic. The Assault is equipped with an assault rifle or an all-kit weapon, with the default weapons varying by faction.

Battlefield 4[]

Main article: Assault/Battlefield 4

The Assault Kit is featured in Battlefield 4. It functions almost identical to its Battlefield 3 counterpart, playing as the primary medic and frontline soldier. The First Aid Pack is the single new gadget for the kit, although the Defibrillator and its revive mechanic have been tweaked.

Battlefield 1[]

Main article: Assault/Battlefield 1

This item has a Codex entry: Shock Troopers

The Assault makes an appearance in Battlefield 1. Unlike other appearances, the Assault kit is geared for anti-tank and close-quarters combat. The Assault kit has submachine guns or shotguns as their primary weapon, along with an array of explosives.

Battlefield V[]

Main article: Assault/Battlefield V

The Assault is one of four base classes featured in Battlefield V. Its two Combat Roles are "Light Infantry" and "Vehicle Buster". The kit retains its anti-vehicle identity of Battlefield 1, being issued rocket launchers including Panzerfaust, PIAT, Fliegerfaust and M1A1 Bazooka in addition to general purpose demolition-oriented gadgets. The kit is now equipped with semi-auto rifles or fully-automatic assault rifles, extending their effective range while still retaining compelling close-combat power.

Battlefield 2042[]

Main article: Assault/Battlefield 2042

The Assault class is featured in Battlefield 2042. In the main game, Sundance, Dozer, and Mackay are classified as Assault Specialists. In the Battlefield Portal, the Assault class is featured in the Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 collections. Within each collection, the class features updated character models and function in a similar manner to their original counterparts.

1942 Assault[]

The 1942 Assault is available within the Battlefield 1942 Collection. It features character models for the US Army, Royal Army, and Wehrmacht. As with its original counterpart, the Assault features no unique functions or equipment.

BC2 Assault[]

The BC2 Assault is available within the Bad Company 2 Collection. It features character models for the US Army and Russian Ground Forces. Functioning in a similar manner to its original counterpart, the Assault has access to the Ammo Box to resupply teammates.

BF3 Assault[]

The BF3 Assault is available within the Battlefield 3 Collection. It features character models for the USMC and Russian Ground Forces. Functioning in a similar manner to its original counterpart, the Assault has access to the Medkit to heal teammates.