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A Ground Attack Aircraft is a fixed-wing aircraft outfitted for strikes against land-based targets such as main battle tanks, support vehicles such as tankers and troop carriers, and buildings. They typically carry armaments such as air-to-ground missiles, bombs, and high caliber cannons, but can also mount limited stores of air-to-air weapons for self-defense. These are typically 1–2 seater aircraft with performance comparable but often inferior to fighter aircraft, while carrying lighter payloads and less crew than purpose-built bomber aircraft.

Battlefield 2Edit

Attack Jets were introduced in the Battlefield 2: Armored Fury expansion pack.

Battlefield 3Edit

Attack Jets in Battlefield 3 are exclusive to the Rush gamemode, but are classed with Jet Fighters in terms of progression and customization.

Battlefield 4Edit

Battlefield 4 formally introduces the Attack Jet that takes the air-to-ground role as a separate class of vehicle from the Stealth Jet, which takes the air-to-air role. Attack jets have separate customization from stealth jets. Both types of aircraft may be available in certain game modes and maps, especially on the PC and next-generation console versions. Coming from Battlefield 3, Attack Jets got a severe nerf in the speed department. Attack Jets in the former game had a top speed of 321 KMH, while in BF4, it's about 240 KMH. Furthermore, the Attack Jets in BF3 could pitch, yaw and roll much faster than BF4's Attack Jets. However, the upside is that Attack Jets now have much more customization to them than they did in BF3.

Battlefield 1Edit

Battlefield 1 includes the Attack Plane as a two-seater aircraft with a rear gunner supporting the pilot.

Battlefield VEdit

Battlefield V continues the classification scheme of Battlefield 1, but with asymmetric vehicle layouts between factions, and further role diversity through Specializations.

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