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An attack boat is a light watercraft that allows for quick strikes from open sea. It is more maneuverable than fleet vessels like corvettes or Patrol Boats (which in turn are smaller than frigates), while carrying armor and armament that small craft like RHIBs cannot.

Battlefield 4[]

Attack boats are formally introduced in Battlefield 4, along with a networked wave dynamics system designed to break away from the static water seen in previous Battlefield titles.

Attack boats can take advantage of wave crests for better visibility, or stay low in troughs for cover from ground or other naval vehicles.

Similar to transport helicopters, friendly players are able to spawn directly into an attack boat from the Respawn Screen; this makes up for the fact that Attack boats are only able to attack and maneuver from the water.[1]

The driver of the boat has access to both primary and secondary weapons, default with the 25mm Cannon and a couple of TOW Missiles. Up to three additional passengers may occupy the same vehicle, two manning a pair of M134 Miniguns/CS/LM12 and the final passenger with the freedom to use his weaponry.

Both attack boat models carry auxiliary personal watercraft so crew can quickly cross open water.

  • RCB
    • Note: Due to the fact that the secondary weapon is situated in a separate turret, at the stern of the boat, drivers may have a harder time aiming it than the DV-15, at close range, especially when one is using Zuni Rockets.
  • DV-15 Interceptor



  • In Battlefield 4, all beached watercraft including attack boats can be moved back to sea using Melee attack. Melee attacks may also disrupt aim for watercraft already at sea.