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Attrition is a system featured in Battlefield V. The term refers to a set of gameplay changes aimed at producing scarcity of ammo and health, while also scaling back more forgiving elements of previous titles.[1] The aim of the system was to emphasise teamwork within Squads, deter campers and add tactical and strategic depth to gameplay.[2]


Unlike recent Battlefield games, players will only regenerate a partial amount of health after receiving damage - typically around 30HP, but can be less if the healing is interrupted by further damage. To mitigate this, players spawn with a consumable Bandage in their inventory which they can use to fully heal, which can be resupplied using a Health Station or by Medic gadgets.

Further to this, squadmates can now perform Buddy Revives. The revival animation is longer than when using a Syringe, but rewards squads that maintain cohesion.


With the exception of the Support class, players no longer spawn in with their full ammunition capacity, requiring them to resupply from a Supply Station to reach maximum capacity of ammo and gadgets. In addition, ammunition for primary weapons was initially highly limited, with players only able to carry between one and four full reloads worth of ammo in reserve, depending on the weapon. However as of patch 5.2, both the initial and maximum capacity for all weapons has been greatly increased to around four to ten full reloads.[3]

Players drop Ammo Pouches when they are killed, allowing partial resupply through combat.


The 3D spotting system of previous Battlefield titles is absent in Battlefield V, replaced by a contextual pinging system similar to how spotting behaved in Battlefield 1's Incursions mode. Players can ping map locations within their line of sight to alert squadmates to danger, designate points of interest, estimate range, and (in Firestorm) designate loot. 3D spotting is now only applied by using specific gadgets, vehicle specializations or the traits of certain Combat Role.


Both tanks and aircraft now have a finite supply of ammunition and equipment that can only be resupplied using Vehicle Supply Stations, and completely lack regenerating health. In Firestorm, vehicles are further limited by their Fuel supply, which can be replenished using jerry cans.