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AutoInjectors IRL

Two syringe-type autoinjectors

An autoinjector is a small, single-use syringe designed to administer a set dosage of medicine rapidly. They are designed for untrained usage or self-administration, being simple to use and having a preset dosage contained within, reducing the risk of accidental overdose or introduction of bubbles into the bloodstream. Most autoinjectors are spring-loaded syringes, though some are jet injectors (i.e., they use the force of a concentrated stream of liquid to pierce the skin rather than a hypodermic needle).

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

The Auto Injector is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.


The Auto Injector is issued to the Support Kit. It is the only healing item in the game, and can heal either the user or a friendly soldier to full health.

To use on himself, the player must not be near or aiming at any friendly troops and fire the injector. To use on a friendly soldier, the user must aim at a nearby soldier and fire the injector.

It essentially works the same as Medkits in previous Battlefield titles in its healing abilities, but requires the player to be next to a friendly unit to heal them instead of throwing them a Medkit.


The Auto Injector serves very useful for any player planning to keep the fight going while playing as the Support Kit. If the player has an HMMWV or similar vehicle fast vehicle, they can use it as an ambulance, picking up two wounded soldiers at a time, bringing them to a safe distance from the battlefield, and healing them for the next engagement.


Battlefield: Bad Company[]

The LIFE-2 is a gadget featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


The player is always equipped with an auto-injector. Since the player will most likely come across enemy fire, and quickly, chances are the auto-injector will be used extensively.

It heals the player to full health instantly and has a short cool down time. If the player uses the auto-injector 50 times, they will be awarded with the 20G achievement or Bronze trophy called "The Hypochondriac".


The LIFE-2 is issued to the Assault kit as an unlockable gadget. It allows the player to recover health without needing to stay near a Medkit.

Unlike in singleplayer, it takes time to heal the player to full health. However, the multiplayer version has a shorter cooldown period than the singleplayer version. Like medkits, the healing process can be interrupted by a single point of damage.

Battlefield 3[]

An autoinjector makes a brief appearance in Battlefield 3, in the mission Night Shift. When Misfit 1-3 is in the V-22 Osprey after extracting Al-Bashir, Campo gives Blackburn an autoinjector to keep Al-Bashir alive.

Battlefield Hardline[]


"Revive brings downed teammates back into the fight. It can also kill enemies. Spending time preparing the Revive brings back teammates with increased health."

— In-game description

Revive is a gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline, issued to the Criminal Operator kit.

It functions in the same manner as the Defibrillator, but is operated akin to the Syringe from Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, allowing players to revive one another. As with the defibrillator, the syringe can be used to kill enemies. Purchasing the Revive will also unlock the Defibrillator, or vice versa.

Like reviving in Battlefield 4, it revives with a minimum of 20% health, and charging for a few seconds will increase its effectiveness. The Revive Upgrade will make the charging faster, and increase the minimum health received. The amount of charges is not limited, and it only has a very short delay between uses.

Unlike in all previous games, players cannot be revived again within three minutes of their last revive. Players cannot be revived more than once per round of Rescue or Crosshair game mode. Additionally, victims of Knife Takedowns, Non-Lethal Takedowns, explosives, or roadkills cannot be revived by a teammate.


Survivalist is a gadget featured in Battlefield Hardline for the Operator kit. The gadget allows players to revive themselves with a syringe once per life from wounds sustained from a Roadkill or explosives. However, players will only be brought back to 10% health, and takes five seconds to use.

Battlefield 2042[]

"Self-administered emergency medical booster. Contents: anticoagulant chemicals, painkillers, biodegradable medical-grade nanomachinery. Side effects may include nausea. For any other issues, consult your physician."

— In-game Description

The Med Pen is a gadget featured in Battlefield 2042. Available to the Assault class, it allows players to quickly restore their health if injured.

When used, the character will automatically inject themselves with a dosage. After a brief delay, quick regeneration will start. The rate of regeneration is much quicker than standard self-healing, and slightly faster than Falck's S21 Syrette Pistol. Players only spawn with one, but can resupply another one (max of 2) when interacting with ammunition or medical crates.

After the return to the Class system that introduced in UPDATE #3.2.0, the Insertion Beacon is now a type of "kit-exclusive" gadget that does not take a slot (like Repair Tool for Engineer), and no longer presented in the Collection. Originally, this gadget was unlocked at level 26.



Battlefield Hardline[]

  • While the Survivalist has a different model than the Revive in the menus, it actually uses the same model in gameplay.
  • The gadget originally allowed players to immediately revive themselves to 100% health during the closed beta and could revive players who were killed by all except from explosives, Fall Damage, or headshots. Following feedback, the gadget was altered to its current state.

Battlefield V[]

BF5 Syrette Buff FP 03
  • One of the animations for the player injecting themselves with the Syrette Buff mimics the same process from Battlefield: Bad Company, with the player jabbing the needle into their chest with both hands.