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BF1 Flag
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Azadi Palace (Persian: کاخ آزادی) is a map featured in the Battlefield 3: Aftermath expansion. The map takes place within and around an Iranian parliament building in Tehran, with a maze-like gameplay focus.

Barriers are erected in various places, limiting infantry movement until vehicles charge through them, or are taken down with explosives.



Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)


Infantry fighting vehicle(s)

LAV-25 (CQ Large)

Main battle tank(s)

M1 Abrams

Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces
Light vehicle(s)


Infantry fighting vehicle(s)

BMP-2M (CQ Large)

Main battle tank(s)



Flag layoutsEdit

Flag Conquest Conquest Large
City Entrance A A
Market B B
Downtown C C
Outpost D
Senate D E
Main Floor E F
Construction Site G

City EntranceEdit

A small city square close to the US deployment to the north. There are many buildings with sight to the flag.


A small convenience market south of City Entrance. With the flag in front, this capture area is also widely exposed.


The outdoor square of a large L-shaped building. Small roads line the south and east, while passages under the building run to the north and west.

[Conquest Large] A salvaged transport spawns to the west.


[Conquest Large] A hill just outside the city on the southeast corner. This is the middle flag on Conquest Large, adjacent to flags B–F. Terrain, trees, and small shipping containers provide scant cover. A tank spawns towards the boundary for the controlling team.


At the Iranian Parliament, a second-story room under a smaller collapsed dome.

Main FloorEdit

The lower-level lobby in the Parliament building. The south wall is bombed out, opening towards the Russian side of the map.

[Conquest Large] A salvaged transport spawns here.

Construction SiteEdit

[Conquest Large] The initial flag for the Russian team. A large leaning building shields it from the rest of the map, and two foundations currently stand at three stories tall.


Squad RushEdit

Team DeathmatchEdit

Squad DeathmatchEdit



Open ruins near Outpost, east. Long range battles often occur from here to the Senate ledges.
Senate room, upper level, northwest. A ledge at the top of the angled stairway is a popular ambush spot.
Hallway crossing, ground level, west. The nearby stairway adds a fifth angle of attack, complicating defense.
Upper level hallway, south center. One of the leaning-floor ramps leads straight to this flag. A Level 3 weapon spawns in the corner of the upper level ledge.
Ground level between pillars, east.

Ammo CrateEdit

The ammo crate is on ground level between A and B. It can be overlooked from the hills at A, or overhead from B.



  • "Azadi" means "freedom" in Persian.
  • Visitor signs posted around the palace state that there was a third floor not open to the public. It likely collapsed during the earthquake.
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